We’ve got the scoop on Taraji’s glam for her new movie, WHAT MEN WANT!

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We recently attended a set visit for Taraji P. Henson’s new movie, What Men Want, produced by Will Packer and James Lopez, and directed by Adam Shankman. What Men Want is an update on the Mel Gibson led What Women Want, with Taraji being able to read men’s minds. Taraji’s character is a successful sports agent named Ali Davis, and we’ve got the exclusive from her makeup artist, costume designer, and Taraji about the direction for her character’s look in the film.

It was so exciting to meet Taraji and get the scoop on her hair on and off set. She’s constantly changing her look from a natural big chop, to long extensions, to our favorite – the bob! When asked about her input on her character’s look she says, “I usually leave (hair, makeup and wardrobe) up to the people who are hired to do it because I have more to think about like my lines. Once they hire the person I have to commit to their vision. I really don’t fuss with them.”

Taraji’s longtime makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff created a signature makeup look inspired by powerful women like  Anna Wintour. “For makeup we stuck with earth tones like champagnes and caramel browns, that look good on Taraji’s complexion. A sports agent would have a good lash to showcase her feminine prowess to get what she wants but she’s still tough, hence the name Ali.” Ashunta kept the makeup simple with a clean brow, and alternating between two lip colors (soft nude pink & copper, and vibrant red for one scene).

The most time consuming task was covering up all of Taraji’s tattoos.  Ashunta shared, “we have a ritual every award season with Taraji’s tattoo artist named Compton who tattoos both of us. We have 10 fresh tattoos over the past 10 years.”

Sekinah Brown, costume designer, googled female sports agents for inspiration for Taraji’s character and admits there weren’t a lot of them represented. “I had to make her look like she has money,” says Sekinah.  We (Sekinah, the director and producers) went back & forth with the silhouette before landing on the look you’ll see in the movie.”  Sekinah always consults with the actor to make sure they’re comfortable wearing the clothes. The looks are bold and powerful as seen in the newly released trailer.

What Men Want is in theaters on January 11, 2019. View the official trailer here:

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