Are Bob Braids Back? 5 photos that will make you revisit this 90’s trend!

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Have you ever wanted to try a bob braids style but unsure if you’ll look trendy or more like a grandma? No worries! Bob braids are always in style and very unique. There’s nothing more chic and edgy than a bob braid hairstyle, this style is extremely versatile and appropriate for all ages. Here are a few pictures that may help with your decision!

#1: The Classic

This hairstyle is the definition of what a box braid bob suppose to be. It’s angled in a bob style that curls under the chin, which is flattering for anyone because this angle frames a face really well.

#2: Asymmetrical

Why not try something different with an asymmetrical twist? This style gives you more of a chic and slimming effect with the side part. This look is perfect for round and oval faces.

#3: Go Short!

Normally, bobs tend to have a shoulder or neck length, but there aren’t any rules when it comes to lengths. This short bob gives a modern bold vibe to the hairstyle. It’s also a great protective style for African-American hair.

#4: Thick Bob Braid

Having this hairstyle is very versatile. You can pull off many different styles ranging from updos, ponytails, and buns. The thickness of the braids creates a nice lush look that maintains well even when the braids start to get old.

#5: The Blunt Cut Bob Braid

Everyone loves a blunt cut, but have you thought about getting this style with braids?? This style definitely gives an edgy high-fashion vibe. The length and size is perfect for versatile styling.


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