Accessories For Short Hair

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Stunners, I’m sure we’ve all been at the point where we get a little bored with our hair and want a slightly different look. Here are a few trendy accessories that can add some flare to your cut!

Hair Clips

Photo Credit: Pinterest // Helen Rostant

These stylish hair accessories come in many designs and can be worn at work, on a date, or a dinner party. They also help hold certain hairstyles in place. So ladies, why not hold down those fly away strands and look good doing it?


Photo Credit: Pinterest // Neena Fulton

A simple headband can add a soft, pretty look to your natural or relaxed style. This accessory can be worn on top of a slicked down pixie, to push back longer bangs, or on natural curls. Pair this headband with simple jewelry to bring some dazzle to your hair.

Bobby Pins

Photo Credit: Hype Hair

Bobby pins! This trend is turning the average bobby pin into stylish designs. Whether you rock five or ten, these add an instant spark to your cut. Depending on how the pins are placed, you can rock them for an everyday look or special occasion.


Photo Credit: Pinterest // Rocking Horsefly

Scarves are the most versatile accessory. They can be tied in many ways and worn with everything from TWAs to bob length. The fun colors and designs can go with just about any outfit, and they can be worn all year around.


Photo Credit: Pinterest // Dynamic Dimples

During the summer months, flowers are great accents to all hairstyles. Especially for my TWA ladies, this is a pretty way to accessorize your cut. Rock a flower that matches your outfit and add a pretty pop to those beautiful curls.

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