5 Stunning Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair

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When planning the wedding of your dreams the many details like invitations, jewelry, shoes, the perfect dress, makeup, and what’s arguably one of the most important? Your hair! For all of my short hair brides who are having problems finding the right hairstyle for your big day, here are five bomb bridal looks to consider.

Hairstyle #1
This hairstyle gives a flattering/edgy look. The bang is flipped up in a peacock style away from her face. Her hair is slightly curled on the side, which gives more volume opposed to a straight, everyday look.

Photo Credit: @theweddinggram

Hairstyle #2
If you don’t want many curls but still want some bounce to your hair, this look is for you. It’s charming and classy, which is a great style for weddings. The birdcage veil is a beautiful accent for short bridal hairstyles.

Photo Credit: @takiyahsmith

Hairstyle #3
This type of hairstyle is simple but very chic. All of the sides including the back of her hair are molded to perfection. The top of her hair has small messy pin curls with an accessory to add flair. This beautiful hair accessory adds a little pop to the dress and hairstyle.

Photo Credit: @iamcadestyle

Hairstyle #4
Pin curls anyone? This style has neat pin curls all around; with this sophisticated look you can add a hair accessory to make the hairstyle pop as well. This style is appropriate for all ages.

Photo Credit: @kimeds

Hairstyle #5
For all my natural short hair divas, don’t get discouraged when planning what to do to your TWA. If you don’t mind embracing your fro on your wedding day, there’s plenty of ways to make your fro luxurious. One of the main ways is adding hair accessories or as many flowers as you would like; just make sure your curls are popping like never before!

Photo Credit: @weaccessorizebridals 


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