Don’t Fear the Big Chop

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“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”Coco Chanel


The first time I big chopped, I had just graduated from high school and I spent the summer contemplating whether I should cut my hair or not. On one hand, I was scared of what my parents would think, and although I was 18, I still felt as if I couldn’t make such a big decision for myself. On the other hand, I knew I was getting ready to leave the nest and begin forging a path all my own, which included crafting a look and style that was all my own.

I finally gathered up the courage to cut my hair the week before I left for school. I sat in my stylist’s chair, and tightly held onto the armrest. I could barely muster up the courage to look in the mirror as she started to snip away at my long locks. Halfway into my new pixie, I decided to open my eyes, and I felt like a new person — bold, confident and womanly. My new do was a sign that I was ready to take the reigns and change my life.


As I expected, my parents were shocked, but to my surprise, I wasn’t phased by their slight dismay. I liked the way I looked, and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought. Over the next few years, I kept picking up the scissors and kept chopping until I settled on my current hairstyle — a low, shaved look. Each time I cut my hair, I got closer to myself. I challenged my insecurities snip by snip until there was literally nothing left. I was free to be my unique, beautiful, radiant and true self.

Not everyone’s journey will be the same — some ladies will settle on a pixie, a twa or they’ll decide to grow their mane back out. But just like in life, the destination (your hairstyle) isn’t the point. It’s about the growth and beautiful changes you’ll experience because of your big chop.

So, pull out your scissors and clippers and get ready to cut a new path.

Have you big chopped? Share your experience with me below!

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