So you don’t like your cut? Here’s how to deal

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We’ve all been there — you’ve been lusting over a cute cut for months, and you’ve finally gotten the courage to get it. You walk into the salon, plop down in the chair and wait for the “magic” to happen. An hour (or two) passes by, and you get the first look at your new do’, and you hate it!

My first foray into “The Cut Life” at 15 — I was smiling on the outside, but I hated this cut! 🙁

So, what happens next? Depending on the cut, it can be fixed immediately, or it may take some time to grow it out and start over.

Either way, here are some tips to help you deal with a cut you don’t like:

1. Don’t fake the funk. It can be hard to confront your stylist and tell them you don’t like the way the cut has turned out. But, you’ve paid for a service, and it’s important that you walk away with something you’re happy with. If it’s something that can be fixed the day of, such as having bangs that are a little too long, politely let your stylist know and be specific about what you’d like changed.

If it’s something that may take a little more time to correct, such as you just not liking the pixie as much as you thought you would, then create a plan with your stylist to transition back into a cut that works for you.

One of our interns, Krystal, is a professional hair stylist and she says that clients should never be afraid to express displeasure with their cut. Just be honest, be specific, and work with the stylist to create a style you can work with.

2. Wait a couple of days. The initial shock of seeing yourself with a new style can be overwhelming, and insecurity and doubt can creep in. Sometimes, you just need a couple of days to get used to seeing yourself differently rather than getting a different cut.

3. Adjust your styling routine. Sometimes the cut itself isn’t bad; it’s just that it takes a little finesse to make the cut really “pop.” Not feeling your curly bob? Instead, play with waves, softer curls or a more sleek, straight look. Sometimes, a little experimentation goes a long way in helping you feel better about a new cut.

4. Rely on hair accessories. If you seriously can’t stand your cut, use hair accessories to spruce it up until you can get it fixed. Rock a cute hat or head wrap, headbands, scarves or decorative hair clips.

5. Then, there’s always wigs and protective styles! These are great options for ladies who have a cut that will take a long time to correct because they’ll have to grow their hair out. In this case, wigs and protective styles are a wonderful way to get through the awkward phases of growing your hair. Just make sure you maintain an A-1 hair care routine during this process.

6. Find a new stylist. Lastly, you may just need to find a new stylist that will meet your needs. Different stylists have different strengths, and you have to find one whose strengths will benefit you. Are you a naturalista? Find someone who has a proven track record in cutting natural hair instead of continually going to someone who isn’t so confident or knowledgeable in that area. Want to rock a low fade? Find a barber who has the skills to cut, and is comfortable with working on women’s hair and meeting our specific needs.

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How did you deal with a bad cut? Share your tips in the comments below!

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