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Ask The Expert: How Can I Maintain My Natural Hair Strength After Coloring?

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Q via @__deexo : What are some tips on maintaining the strength of natural hair after coloring it?

A: One of the main things is to understand is that after any form of PERMANENT color enhancement and or lifting (the uses of LIGHTENER aka bleach or HILIFT COLOR), the hair is no longer considered NATURAL. Yes, it is still classified as RELAXER FREE however it is no longer natural. The hair has been altered with chemicals from the introduction of color and now we are dealing with COLOR TREATED HAIR. This type of hair comes with commitment to bi-weekly (and in some cases weekly) treatments to not only protect the COLOR TREATED hair but to keep your color enhancement vibrant. The commitment will include protein treatments; this is how the hair gets it strength. I personally love Malibu C miracle repair; it’s a PLANT based protein treatment that’s gluten-free and provides a mega dose of protein that will penetrate the hair shaft and seek out weak spots throughout the hair building strength but not over doing it because, since it’s a plant protein, you will never overuse it. The hair will only accept what it needs and the rest the hair will reject resulting in a BALANCED protein treatment. My second step is to follow my protein treatment with a hydrating/moisturizing  treatment for balance. The protein will provide strength, making the hair more resilient, and the hydrating/moisturizing will keep the hair soft and revitalize. And always remember to use color safe shampoo and conditioners.


About The Expert: Cynthia Lumzy – @cynthialumzy –

cd281fbc-d03b-4bec-a63c-5ec9573c9ff9Cynthia Lumzy is a published master hair colorist creative color specialist and creator of HAIRSTYLIST DIVERSITY UNIVERSITY Facebook forum. She’s also the brand ambassador for Malibu C and Magic lightener.







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