How to handle your first time at the barbershop like a pro

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Any woman who’s ever stepped foot into a barbershop knows the discomfort of feeling out of place, undereducated and stared at by every barber shop veteran in the building. I, myself, used to be so terrified, that I’d pretend to take fake phone calls just to appear busy and ease the initial awkwardness when I would walk in.

After years of visiting a slew of barber shops though, and realizing my short hair slay cannot be sacrificed for a little discomfort, I wrote down the five things I do faithfully and you can too, to ease the tension and prepare you for your first time in the barbershop.

  1. Do your research and know what style you are looking for.
    • Having a picture of your style will save you and your barber time and from the potential for miscommunication resulting in a dissatisfying haircut. If you don’t have one particular style you’ve settled on, bring a few pictures of suggestions or inspirations. The clearer you are with your expectations the easier they are to meet.
  2. Have your barber selected before you get there.
    • Walking into a shop without an appointment or selected barber is the easiest way to make yourself a target for everyone to stare at and ask a million questions on who you are there to see. Select a barber beforehand, and you’ll be able to walk in with intent, know exactly where to sit and who to speak to.
  3. Set an appointment!
    • There’s nothing worse than sitting in a barbershop for five hours after being double booked, missing cocktails with your girls just to listen to a bunch of men talk about man stuff. To avoid this, and not waste time, set an appointment with your barber and hold him/her accountable.
  4. Be on time.
    • This is a given, but barbershop code says if you miss your appointment it goes to the next person and continues down the line until there is another opening for you. This could take an hour or three. More importantly, though, you want to give your barber the same respect you expect in return, their time is their money.
  5. Be on the same page for payment amount and method.
    • Another personal embarrassing barbershop experience I’ve been through so that you don’t have to: I got my haircut, got charged $30 more than expected, and didn’t have cash at a cash only establishment. Bad day. But to avoid this situation, refer to number 1 and communicate exactly what you want and ask before you even show up how much, and how you should pay so you can get cash if necessary.

Other tips include taking a friend along, going during their least busy hours, or going to the small barber with a one person booth space.

Whenever you do visit for your first time take a pic of your new cut with the tag #TheCutLife and let us know how these tips worked for you.

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