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Ask the Expert: How can I get my tight curl pattern back?

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Question from @charityluv

My hair is naturally curly and I recently flat ironed it, now my curls seem more like a wave and straight ends. How can I get my tight curls back?

Answer: Flat ironing, when done improperly, can damage your hair pattern over time, especially if your hair is colored or lightened. If you have naturally curly hair with low porosity I would recommend going to a professional and limit flat ironing to one – two times a year. The good news is, hair products have advanced to allow you to achieve different styles while protecting the natural state of your hair. The best defense against heat damage are moisture treatments and knowing which heat protectant products to use to avoid damage. One product that I love when flat ironing is Eufora Thermal Defense Prep, which protects up to 450° of heat.

As mentioned, excessively flat ironing your hair breaks down the bond in the follicles. To bring your curls back to life, I recommend a protein spray after you shampoo and condition but before the Thermal Defense Prep. Eufora Nourish Fortifi Keratin Repair is made from human hair keratin that can reinforce and restructure the brittle hair shaft, depending on how much damage was already done. Avoid synthetic keratin treatments, that oversaturate your hair with “too much” protein leaving it feeling dry and cottony, and making it prone to damage. Remember, the quality of products used truly makes a difference and your curls deserve it.

Question from @whynotweirdo

My hair is super frizzy if I don’t do anything to it, and I want get a pixie cut but I’m nervous because I don’t want it to just turn into a fuzz ball on my head. Any recommendations?

Answer: It’s perfectly normal for your hair to be frizzy without any products or maintenance. Keep in mind frizz is texture, it can add body and volume to flat or lifeless hairstyles. However, if that is not the look you’re going for, I can help. High quality products can seal, moisturize and ultimately smooth the hair shaft. Also, finding the easiest hair regiment will keep most frizz manageable. As far as products go I highly recommend deep conditioning once a week, preferably. I would suggest a mud mask by @saphirahair it is incredible. Using a satin cap or pillowcases at night is another great low maintenance way to help limit the appearance of frizz.

About expert, Vincenzo “The Curl King”

unnamed (2)I am passionate hairdresser that enjoys transforming my clients hair into beautiful works of art. As a third generation stylist, it’s important for me to execute at a higher level.  At the age of 18 I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist. I enrolled to the Aveda Institute, if I wanted to be the best, I had to go to the best institution to craft my skill. It was there that I fell in love with all textures, after cutting straight hair for five years, I became interested in curls. The diversity of all types of curls, and the confidence of the girls that rock them are unparalleled. I like to create an experience when a client sits in my chair, knowing they’re in good hands. My philosophy when cutting curly hair is that each client is different, and it’s important for me to create a tailored style for their unique curls.

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