5 Hairstyles For The Short Hair Natural Girl

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The Cut Life is a lifestyle and natural hair is a lifestyle, so why not combine the two?  Natural hair has been a huge movement for the past decade when many women decided to do “The Big Chop.”

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(Pink chop via @sambialieu). A lot of natural girls want to spice up their short hair journey, so here are 5 short, natural hairstyles to keep in mind.

  1. The Tapered Cut

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Photo via @keliise

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This beauty has been a favorite in the natural short hair community with short sides and longer hair at the top. The sky is the limit with this funky and sophisticated do. Some girls like a little less maintenance so they like to shave the sides and the back of their hair when executing the tapered cut. Other women who love their natural products like to set this hairstyle off by finger coiling their short and curly sides.

  1. The Short Curly BobFullSizeRender (3)

Photo via @amandlastenberg

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Photo via @beautybylee

A lot of people might just state this as a fro because that’s how most natural bobs come off and that’s perfectly fine. To give your short bob a little extra something experimenting with highlights and color is a fan favorite for this girly hairstyle. Bangs and even an asymmetrical shape will do wonders to liven up your bob for the winter months ahead.

  1. TWA “Teeny Weeny Afro”

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Photo via @nikiaphoenix

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Photo via @cocoandbreezy for @heedmagazine photographed by @tayoscreation

The TWA is a short natural classic that is basically your big chop grown out a few months. Women tend to get a little nervous to try this bold statement but it’s ultimately sexy and shows off that gorgeous face. Solid radiant colors such as blonde, red, and even pink can take your TWA from classic to “short is the new black.”

  1. Finger Waves

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Photo via @chinagirltash

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Photo via @mayasworld

If you’re a fan of ECO styling gel, this is the hairstyle is for you. Get your favorite leave in conditioner, some gel and a comb to achieve this 20s inspired do for your night out with the girls. Finger waves have been rocked by some of your short hair favorites such as Halle Berry and Jada Pinkett Smith. This short natural hairstyle is timeless and so will your selfie be when sporting this hairstyle.

  1. Rod Sets

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Photo via @shaddah_elyse

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Photo via @askproy

Rods sets can vary from flexi to perm rods *minus the perm* but will always give you that beautiful bouncy look you’re going for. A rod set is used to give natural hair a neater look but also stretches your coils to give your natural hair some length. After taking your rods out add, some coconut oil for strength and shine! You will definitely get a few double takes the next time you step out rocking your rod step.

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