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Need a costume for Halloween? Become one of these 5 short hair icons

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Halloween is less than a week away, and if you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling to find a cute Halloween outfit that doesn’t involve being a sexy bunny, sexy zombie, or a sexy Siracha bottle — yes, that’s a real costume!

Well, we at The Cut Life suggest that you take a walk down memory lane and let one of these five short-hair icons be your inspiration for a stunning Halloween costume that everyone will remember.

Nia Long

Photo credit: Pinterest // CJD

Nia Long will forever be one of our favorite short hair icons! She was the epitome of 90s beauty with her cute pixie, perfectly arched brows and dark brown lipstick. You can recreate her look from “Friday” in a cinch — just find a cute crop top, jean skirt, white tennis shoes and mini leather backpack, all things that have recently come back into style.

If you’re wanting to recreate a more chic look, copy Nia’s style in “Love Jones.” Her simple bob, high-waisted jeans, and leather jacket were to die for, plus that gives you an excuse to find a cute Larenz Tate lookalike to be your Halloween party date!

Don’t have a pixie? Check out Beige Ojai’s video on how to slay a pixie wig in a matter of minutes!

Grace Jones

Photo credit: Pinterest // ASOS

This is for all my baldies! Grace Jones made waves in the 80s with her androgynous style and buzz cut. All you need to do is get a fresh lineup and consider adding a part in the middle or side of your hair, something Grace was known to do. Next, pull out your blackest eyeliner and draw in some angular, straight brows and fierce eyeliner. Chisel those cheekbones with contouring and get that disco ball look with one of Rihanna’s highlighters — Trophy Wife or Unicorn. Then, put on your slinkiest dress and your highest heels and get ready to slay, dahhhling!

Never been to the barbershop to get a fade? Check out our video for tips on how to make sure your quest to look like Grace Jones goes just right!

Dorothy Dandridge

Photo credit: Pinterest // Lisa S.

Forget Marilyn Monroe, give me Dorothy Dandridge! Most of us were introduced to Dorothy Dandridge when Halle Berry portrayed her in “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.” Dorothy broke down doors in Hollywood as she flexed her triple-threat skills in various movies and musicals in the 40s and 50s.

Beyond being revered for her singing, dancing, and acting, Dorothy envied for her perfectly coiffed hair, red lips, and soft eyes. So, pull out your best red lipstick (MAC’s Ruby Woo always looks good), your best jewelry and a strapless dress that cinches your waist for the ultimate Dorothy Dandridge costume.


Photo credit: Pinterest // SLF Fashion

Who didn’t want to be TLC in the 90s? They were cool, confident and had the best hairstyles! Since the 90s are making a comeback, enlist a couple of your girlfriends to become one of the greatest girl groups ever for Halloween. Chili and Left-Eye’s hairstyles won’t be hard to recreate — rock a wavy wig to mimic Chili’s waterfall curls and check out a space buns tutorial to create Left-Eye’s fun and spunky persona. If you already have a pixie, add a couple longer hairclips in the front to create T-Boz’s signature style.


Photo credit: Pinterest // The Sun

Bad Gal Ri Ri is a hair chameleon and she consistently slays all kinds of short styles! You have plenty of inspiration to choose from, but one of my favorite hairstyles on Rihanna is a blunt bob — it’s edgy, chic and easy to pull off. When it comes to your style and makeup, you can run out to Sephora to pick up some Fenty Beauty and head over to Foot Locker to nab some Puma Fenty Creepers. Of course, the biggest part of pulling off a Rihanna look is killer confidence, so go all in!

Which look will you try? Show us your Halloween costumes by tagging your photos with #thecutlife!

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