Frustrated with your natural hair? Here’s 3 things to do before reaching for the relaxer

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“Natural hair is so much healthier!”

“I love your curls, I think I’m going natural!”

“I love your curls, I think I’m going natural!”

It’s funny when all these hair compliments come your way, but no one really takes the time to realize how much work it can be. Sometimes the work of doing your hair can consume the actual love you have for it. All naturalistas know there are rough hair days that are so rough in fact, that you begin thinking about the creamy crack!

But, before you even think about reaching for that perm, it’s important to know that you have options!

Get wiggy with it 


The process of finding a wig is tedious and it’s important to get the right wig that fits your face and lifestyle. Before making an order online, I recommend visiting your local beauty supply store and picking out at least three wigs you like and could see yourself wearing! Be realistic about the level of maintenance you’re willing to put it. If you want to grab, brush it and go, choose a simple style in your natural hair color. If you’re willing to do some extra styling and color customization an upkeep then go all out and look at some lace front options.

Texture fun

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If you are a transitioning natural, this is the time to experiment with your texture. When you’re tired of your hair, don’t just think: “Let me make it more manageable using a texturizer.” There are so many different rods and rollers that can make your curl pattern more uniform.

Braid it up 

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Now, I know there can be a love/hate relationship with protective styles. We all make it through a week of protective styling then the “I’m missing my hair” thoughts comes along. The quickest way to get over your frustration is to try twists, braids or faux locs. Protecting your hair isn’t just made for vacations and the summer!

Other than all these great choices of styles, it’s important to not to categorize yourself and get stuck in a box. Enjoy your hair journey and embrace your individual beauty!

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