From the brunch to the kickback to the main event: Homecoming 2017 lookbook

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Yes, yes, yes! Homecoming season is in full swing, which is a welcome break from all these tests, quizzes, and group projects. Midterms will have you stressed and feeling as though thing to look forward to is Christmas break. But before we get to family time, it’s time to step out for HOCO and get dressed for a full week of events!

The Day Party

Now it may be difficult to figure out how to dress to an event that calls for being fashionable, yet comfy. Being able to pop in a crowd of individuals is what we all long for especially when you know everyone will be analyzing your outfit from top to bottom. Being different is the way to go since there will be plenty of others with the “go-to dress” and heels. This is when you can fully display your fashionista side and keep em’ asking: “How did she pull that off?”

The Kickback

When it comes to a kickback, there’s no need “do the most” — honestly, all you have to do is look cute and just chill. Go with Something that can be reliable, wrinkle-free and bounce back from possible stains. This is all about mingling and being able to go wherever the night takes you. Trust and believe once you perfect that simple but edgy look, you will be unstoppable.

The Main Event

Out of all the homecoming festivities that you plan to attend this is the one where you need to be prepared to show up and show out! That dress with the tag on it? Considered it popped. Those heels still in the box? Consider them broken in. All that talk about homecoming from weeks ago? Oh, it’s time to show the people what they have been truly waiting for. Most of the crowd may not be ready for what you can do when it comes to stuntin’ gracefully, but you’ve been waiting for this night all week! For most, this night may begin with a long line, but have no worries because as soon as you get in the door it will end with ALL EYES ON YOU.

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