The best fall fashions for every body type

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One of the best things about fall, beyond Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Halloween, is the opportunity to restock your wardrobe with chic coats, swanky sweaters, and tantalizing thigh-high boots. But, for some, shopping brings a little anxiety, especially when you don’t know what essentials to get and don’t know what best flatters your body shape. Is this you? Well, keep on reading!

First, let’s talk about the five, main body shapes — hourglass, apple, triangle, inverted triangle and athletic.

  • Ladies with an hourglass shape have broad shoulders and hips with a small, cinched waist.
  • Ladies with an apple shape have a large bust and rounded stomach.
  • Ladies with a triangle shape have a small bust and broad hips.
  • Ladies with an inverted triangle shape have a large bust and small hips.
  • Ladies with an athletic shape are “straight” — meaning the shoulders, waist, and hips are the same width.

Now, that’s out of the way, know that your weight doesn’t directly correlate with your shape. You can be a smaller woman who is an apple shape, and you can be a full-figured woman who is an hourglass shape!

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Second, let’s talk about some fall essentials that are timeless and can be paired with of-the-moment pieces:

  • Wrap Coat: Wrap coats tend to look good on every body type — the belt allows you to accentuate your a defined waist or easily create a more defined waist, which is great for apple and athletic shaped women. From there, you can play around with various wrap coat styles. Want to balance your narrow shoulders and wide hips? Choose a coat with a bit of shoulder padding (don’t go full 80s now — lol) to add some broadness and create an hourglass shape.
  • Everyday sweater: You need a sweater you can throw on to create a quick, cute outfit. You can choose an off-the-shoulder option (great for ladies with broad shoulders and poppin’ clavicles), a cropped version (great for ladies with defined waists) or an oversized option for lazy days (or when you want to conceal your tummy).
  • Dark denim: Dark-wash denim literally looks good on everyone! You can try high-waisted (hourglass, triangle), bootcut (great for every shape), flared (inverted triangle), or a slim fit (athletic). Remember that every jean brand cuts their clothes differently, so it’s important to actually try the denim on and do the sit test — if you can’t comfortably sit down without a plumber’s booty or the jeans cutting into your tummy, don’t buy them!
  • Boots: My favorite part of the fall is buying new boots! Now, body shape has little impact on buying boots, except for ladies that have wide or muscular calves and want to wear thigh-high boots. In that case, seek out a brand that makes ‘wide’ options or that uses material that can be slightly stretched.
  • Other faves: Pencil skirts, leather jackets, chic gloves and scarves, hats and beanies, structured leather satchel

Lastly, here are some cute trends that you can take on this fall season:

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  • Seventies silhouettes have been all over the runway. Jumpsuits and flared bottoms are perfect for the fall and look great on a number of shapes. Ladies with smaller hips can wear flared jeans or slacks to give the appearance of a wider hip, and jumpsuits are very versatile. Wear them alone, under a wrap coat, with a blazer or with a turtleneck underneath!
  • Mix and match prints. Plaid and polka dots are fall fashion favorites, and now is the time to play around with them! If you have a part of your body that is larger (bust, hips, thighs, etc.), consider playing with smaller polka dot and plaid prints since the larger versions can make that part of your body look bigger than it is, and vice versa. Also, when mixing prints, pull out a color wheel and play with complementary colors to bring an extra “pop!”
  • Have fun with your accessories. Embellished clothes and accessories have been all the rage this year, so go all in with embellished boots, hats and bags to brighten up an otherwise simple outfit.



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