4 must-have hair tools for every curly girl — no matter your curl type!

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I think it is safe to say we all have tried enough hair products and tools to know that everything is not for everybody! Between hair blogs and YouTube videos, we are constantly thrown an overwhelming amount of hair tools, all which claim to be the latest and greatest in the beauty industry. So, how does one choose?

Like all other hair related products, we must assess the individual’s hair first. Texture, density, and the overall healthiness of the hair ought to be considered before spending your coins on the newest hair toy. No worries, because as always, The Cut Life has your back.

Check out four of my must-have curly girl tools:



Are you a nautralista with loose curls looking for a little volume? Or perhaps, you are in between hair relaxers and need a quick rod-set. Either way, Curlformers is a great product to try out.

According to Curlformers, this tool can be used on any hair type, but in my opinion, it works best on people with mid-length loose curls or relaxed hair. Like most rod sets, Curlformers are best used during a “wash and set”. After washing your hair, add your preferred setting lotions or sprays, and apply the curlformer.

Using Curlformers was a complete breeze. After washing and assessing my client’s hair density, I was able to complete her Curlformer set in twenty minutes. I used four packs of Curlformers for her beach curl look!

Denman Brush

The holy grail of brushes!

Every natural in the world needs a Denman. There is nothing like it! Every tangle, matte, clump you come across will be no match for this brush. Over the years, the Denman brush has proved itself to be the ultimate smoother and detangler for all hair types. This theory is especially true when tested against my 4C clients. The Denman brush plus your favorite hair conditioner will make even the coarsest hair feel like butter.

Straight Plates

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Straight Plates are the newest heat free straightening system for naturalistas! These magical plates can take your hair from curly to silky straight without fear of heat damage. This straightening tool is great for everyone, especially people with curly/coily hair.

The straight plates allow for the perfect amount of tension to stretch your curls into a smooth blowout, completely flattening the hair from the root to the end. After washing your hair, section it based on your hair density, and then clip on the straightening plate. For faster results, sit under a low heat dryer. Straight plates are the safest way to straighten your coils!

Rejuvenating Scalp Massager

Vitagoods // Pinterest

With the season change, it is so important that we give our scalps some extra tender love and care. With the cold weather, brings more hair treatments to help prevent breakage and keep your overall hair looking healthy. However, it is time to step outside the box and give your scalp the ultimate gift.

The scalp massager is a vibrating multi-pronged tool, used to increase blood flow to the head, allowing faster hair growth. Try it out while washing your hair, as it allows for a deeper clean from dandruff and buildup.

What’s your must-have curly girl tool? Let me know in the comments below.

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