Our 10 favorite short hair YouTubers you have to watch

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I’m a bonafide YouTube junkie — I love watching makeup and hair tutorials, OOTDs, Chit-Chat GRWMs and PR hauls of uber-expensive products I’ll most likely never buy. There are so many talented ladies on the Tube, but I’m going to give some extra love to my short hair stunners today.

Avielle Amor

Avielle is no stranger to The Cut Life — she’s been rocking a flawless tapered cut for some time now, and she recently joined the #baldiebrigade! Beyond making awesome haircare vids, she serves up awesome fashion and lifestyle videos and vlogs of her life in NYC.


Faceovermatter, a.k.a. Jae, has been consistently building her influence on YouTube starting with easy-peasy makeup and hair tutorials. Over the past year, she’s moved into making more personal videos charting her personal and spiritual growth. Her sweet demeanor and down-t0-earth personality will keep you coming back for more.

Shameless Maya

Queen Shameless started her YouTube career as a personal challenge, and five years later she’s built it into an empire that includes a full-fledged production company. She has one of the most diverse collections of videos — she has content for creatives, for makeup junkies, for people who just need some #adulting advice, and she has some bomb hair videos too! Maya has taken us on her journey from #longhairdontcare to #teamcutlife, and now she’s showing us her transition back to natural hair.

Alissa Ashley

Alissa has quickly grown her channel to more than 700K subbies, and it’s easy to see why — she always has a flawless beat, gorgeous hair and her straightforward and snarky personality are hard to resist. Although she’s really known for her makeup, Alissa is a bonafide hair chameleon. She rocks all hair colors and isn’t afraid to rock a variety of styles.

Shalom Blac

Shalom came onto the YouTube scene last year when she shared her story of self-acceptance and self-love after being severely burned as a child. She offers up makeup tutorials that are perfect for women who have textured or scarred skin, and she flawlessly rocks a plethora of wigs, although she looks gorgeous with her bald head, too. Beyond making makeup, hair and fashion videos, Shalom keeps inspiring others and working to make the beauty industry more inclusive.

Jaleesa Moses

Jaleesa Moses started her YouTube career with simple, gorgeous makeup tutorials and she’s worked her way up to being an Ipsy influencer with nearly a million subscribers. This year, Jaleesa big chopped and has taken us on her natural hair journey with easy-to-follow tutorials for ladies with 4C hair.


Jouelzy started her YouTube channel in 2013 with hair tutorials for ladies with 4C hair, but she quickly began challenging the natural hair movement with her thoughtful videos on hair texture discrimination and beauty standards within the black community. Jouelzy still makes hair videos from time to time, but you’ll thoroughly enjoy her Popsnark series, political commentaries, and hilarious Insecure reviews.

Vicky Logan

Vicky Logan was one of the first YouTubers I subscribed to and I’ve been hooked ever since. Vicky is super relatable and often opens up about her career, relationships, and spiritual journey. She also makes videos perfect for ladies dealing with acne or other skin issues, and she effortlessly slays all kinds of wigs, most of which were designed by her!

Laurasia Andrea

Laurasia is a true hair chameleon — she’s not afraid to try a variety of colors (check out her tutorial on silver hair) and she consistently switches it up with wigs and various cuts. She has a variety of gorgeous makeup tutorials, but her videos about making and customizing wigs is the crown jewel of her channel.


Peakmill is the wig queen! She looks beautiful in super long wavy and curly styles, but I especially love the pixies, lobs, and bobs she so effortlessly wears. Her start-to-finish wig tutorials are perfect for beginners and experts alike, and when I get up the courage to wear a wig, Peakmill’s channel will be the first place I go to!

Who’s your favorite YouTuber? Let me know in the comments below!

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