How to prep your hair for cooler temps ahead

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For many of us, we’re ready to trade in the summer heat, mimosas (well, mimosas are actually an all-year-round drink — lol) and flip flops for cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and fierce thigh high boots.

And as the seasons change, our hair care routines should change too. While summer calls for more lightweight products like serums and oils, the fall and winter call for thicker butters and cremes that help our hair retain moisture in the face of drier air and harsh winds.

Here are a few ways to make sure your hair stays fly all fall:

Cover your hair with silk-lined hats & caps

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Hats and beanies are fall fashion staples, but they can cause breakage, split ends and dryness due to the materials they’re made with, such as wool. Find a silk-lined beanie, like the one above from Grace Eleyae, to be on trend while protecting your strands. They come in multiple colors and can be worn under larger hats and caps.

Layer your hair (products)

The L.O.C. Method refers to layering (l)iquids, (o)ils and (c)remes for ultimate hydration and moisture retention. The products will vary based on your hair type and this routine is geared toward ladies and gents with natural hair — this technique will weigh down relaxed strands mainly because of the use of heavy cremes.


Some naturalistas rely on co-washes all year long, but if you usually aren’t into using co-washes, the fall is the perfect time to try it. Again, retaining ultimate hydration is a must during cool, dry weather, and co-washes do just that since they don’t contain sulfates — the detergents that give us that squeaky clean result. Co-washes leave some of that natural sebum behind, which is important for keeping your hair moisturized.

Start rocking up-dos or protective styles


Windy fall days can truly do a number on our hair, especially if you’re wearing it down. Ladies with bobs and lobs can save their ends by rocking up-dos or styles with the hair pulled back, such as a chic chignon. You can also wear protective styles or wigs to give your hair a break. Just make sure you keep taking care of your hair underneath. (Be on the lookout for an upcoming video on The Cut Life YouTube about how to do this!)

Baldies — Don’t think you’re off the hook!

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As a baldie myself, it’s easy to be lax about your hair care routine. But, just how your fellow stunners with longer hair need to switch it up, you do too. Your scalp will be extra prone to dryness, especially since you’ll rely more on hats and heavy-duty scarves to keep warm. Layer a serum and a thicker oil mixture (like jojoba & castor) to keep your scalp supple. This can be done at night so it will have time to really soak in. Also, pick up an anti-dandruff shampoo for a gentle, yet effective clean to keep dry flakes away.

How are you preparing your hair for the fall? Let me know in the comments!


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