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Fall hair color trend: Your natural shade, but better!

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We all love our deep reds, rich chocolate and honey blonde shades for the fall. But according to celebrity stylist Stacey Ciceron, who we featured on Tuesday, the hair color trend for the fall is simply rocking and enhancing your natural hair hue.

Here are four ways to make your hair glow:

Make sure your haircare routine is on point! 

Hair that isn’t properly cared for will look dull and lifeless, making it hard for your natural hair color to pop. Adopt a routine that includes clarifying washes, deep conditioning sessions, specialized treatments and regular trims. Well-moisturized hair will reflect light better, giving you an ultra-luminous look. 

Try henna for a natural tint 

Many naturalistas have turned to henna as a hair cleanser and conditioner, and as a natural alternative to hair dye. Henna treatments leave a subtle red tint to the hair, providing a little bit of extra warmth for ladies with cooler or ashy hair tones. On black hair, the redness won’t be super noticeable, but it will add some radiance to the hair, especially when you’re outdoors. On brown hair, the redness will really warm up dark brown and chocolate tones, which is perfect for the fall.

Add shine with a glaze

Henna doesn’t work for everyone, especially if you have an allergy to the product. Instead, you can ask your stylist to apply a glaze, which is semi-permanent and adds ridiculous shine to the hair. You can get a clear glaze or choose one with a tinge of color that will bring out your hair’s natural tones.

Get carefully placed highlights or lowlights

For ladies with dark brown and black hair, some carefully placed highlights that are a couple shades lighter than your natural hue will make your natural hair color more dimensional and fresh.

Ladies with black hair can get highlights with a chocolate hue, and ladies with dark brown hair can choose a warmer, honey or cinnamon brown. Concentrate them around the face for a wide-awake look.  Ladies with lighter hair can opt for lowlights, which are a couple shades darker than your natural hair. Lowlights will add depth and dimension without overwhelming your skin tone.

Which technique will you try? Show your results off by tagging your photos with #thecutlife on IG!

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