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Chopping it up with “True To The Game” star Andra Fuller

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“True To The Game”  a film that tells the story of a millionaire drug dealer, Quadir (Columbus Short), who falls in love with Gena (Erica Peeples), a young girl from the projects and introduces her to his fast-paced and dangerous lifestyle, premieres Sept. 8, and lucky for us, we got the chance to chop it up with one of the movie’s stars — Andra Fuller.

The Houston native has been in some of our favorite shows and movies, such as “The Game,” “Roomieloverfriends” and “Deuces,” and he gave us the deets on his character, Jerrell, how he maintains his beard, and how he stays looking so young — he’s 38!

Andra as Jerrell in “True To The Game.”

Q: Tell us about your character Jerrell in the upcoming film and some similarities between him and yourself.

A: Jerrell’s character is a young, ambitious dealer, who is initially interested in securing a drug partnership, but when he is rejected, sets his eyes on taking over instead. I’m not involved in the drug game, so I can’t say I relate there, but I do see myself in his ambition and perseverance throughout the film.

Q: How did a Houston native like yourself prepare for your role as Jerrell, a Philadelphia native?

A: I wanted to stay true to the Philly swag and completely commit. I already had a little facial hair, so I continued to grow it out for 4-5 weeks to get it full. Just before “True to the Game,” I appeared in “Deuces” too, which had a lot of East Coast cats in it like Jamal Hill, Larenz Tate, and Rotimi. Working with them, and being around that East Coast flavor, made it easier to prepare for Jerrell.

@mrdrefuller and his famous beard

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: Similar to Jerrell, I don’t like to do too much, while still making a statement. I’m not into gaudy jewelry or overstated bling. Subtlety is key for me.

Q: Do you have any tips for those wanting to join beard gang, since fall is quickly approaching?

A: Aside from genetics, I would tell men to live a healthy lifestyle including eating/drinking clean. To maintain, I shampoo my beard when I shampoo my hair using organic soap from my local supermarket. My biggest secret though is that I never use a razor, EVER — only edgers and clippers. And, I don’t and have never trusted anyone to cut my beard.

Q: I did a little research before this interview and found you are the epitome of “black don’t crack.” How have you maintained your youthfulness over the years?

A: I’m a control freak when it comes to self-health. Although I was raised on soul food and still may have similar foods, I believe in moderation now. I’m also vegan and avoid overeating whenever I do eat. Living stress-free has also helped, and I’ve never consumed alcohol or drugs. Those are my biggest tips.

Check out Andra’s acting chops in the trailer below, and follow him on IG @mrdrefuller.

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