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Chopping it up with celebrity stylist Stacey Ciceron

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Stacey Ciceron is a veteran stylist who has had her work featured in world-renowned publications such as Elle, Allure, Essence, and Vogue, and she’s styled some of our favorite stunners — Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman, Gabourey Sidibe, Kimora Lee Simmons and Lupita Nyong’o.

In addition to her work in the magazines, Ciceron is a New York Fashion Week pro, having created the styles we’ve seen on the runway for 13 years.

Ciceron took a few minutes out of her insanely busy NYFW week schedule to chat with us about hair trends, natural textures, and self-confidence. Enjoy!

Ciceron working her magic for “Project Runway.”

TCL: So what are some of the hair trends that you are expecting to see on the runway? 

SC:  What I’ve been seeing a lot of has nothing to do with hair at all — I’ve been seeing a lot of full-figured designers, full-figured models and more women of color on the runway. So, because of that, we’re getting more texture on the runway. More curls, more waves, more coils. 

Whether the model has it naturally, or whether we’re doing it with a curling iron or a flat iron to create these kinds of textures. Also, I’ve been seeing braids. Of course, braids are a staple, but there’s been a more intricate way of doing the braids outside of a traditional two-strand braid. There’s been weaving, doing multiple-strand [braids] or pulling them apart for more texture.

Also, I’ve been seeing a lot of hair accessories! I’ve seen really fancy pieces down to minimal pieces like hair pins and stuff like that being used to give the hair a little bit more personality.

Natural textures reigned supreme during Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma NYFW show.

TCL: So for women that may be watching New York Fashion Week and they like some of those styles, how can they make those styles work in their day to day life?

SC: You know as I was mentioning earlier, the styles are a little more natural. So they’re allowing their hair to do what it naturally does. So the everyday woman can rock their natural texture and maybe not go as big with the volume, but try other funky things. It’s really all about enhancing what you naturally have and playing around with textures. If a person has curly [hair], they may want to do a

If a person has curly [hair], they may want to do a braid set or Bantu knot set to loosen their curls. If you have a tight curl, you may want to loosen it, if you have a loose curl, you may want to tighten it. It’s about making it a more coiffed version of runway style.

Stacey’s latest work in Essence’s August issue.

TCL: So what are some of your favorite products to use to achieve those different textures and kind of make your curls or waves pop?

SC: If you’re talking about natural, African-American hair, I love Shea Moisture. They have over 150 products and collections to choose from whether your hair is wavy, curly or straight. For me, for the natural woman or the textured woman, it’s all about maintaining moisture in the hair and keeping the hair healthy. For me, that is good hair, that is beautiful hair.

TCL: What about women who have relaxed their hair? So are some ways they can go ahead and get that really curly kind of textured look?

SC: So, women with straight hair or relaxed hair can also achieve these textured looks. It’s really simple! Similar to the technique we use on women with naturally curly hair, it’s all about manipulating the hair when it’s wet. You can do a flat twist set or a braid set, and that’s pretty much just twisting the hair when it’s wet and allowing it to dry and then unraveling it, and you have a beautiful wave or curl you can work with.

A BTS look at an upcoming Shea Moisture campaign Stacey worked on!

TCL: So another thing our stunners really love is their hair color. Do you see any specific colors that a lot of stylists are trying on their models on the runway?

SC: Believe it or not, you don’t see a lot really fun colors on the runway, unless the model is known for that and that’s their unique thing that identifies them like their brand. It’s really about focusing on the fashion design and letting the clothing shine.

TCL: Are there any other tips you’d like to share with us?

SC: Women are really having low self-esteem and confidence because they’re trying to mirror lives that they see on the cover. A lot of times, these women are everyday women — they have fun just like us, they eat just like us (people think they don’t eat). They are real women! The best accessory is your confidence and women really need to learn to love themselves, and that will shine through.

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