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How to remix your favorite 90s hair accessories

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The 90s are back — from F.U.B.U. to FILA and Tommy Hilfiger, everyone’s remixing their favorite 90s fashion into fresh, fly looks perfect for today.

Hey, Queen Bey!

While most of our 90s nostalgia has been focused on clothes and shoes, you can reach back to your favorite childhood hairstyles for some inspiration, too! While you probably didn’t have much of a choice on how your mom did your hair back in the day — remember having those too-tight twists and huge barrettes — you can go all out with your accessories now with an array of beads, bows and other hair decorations with a more sophisticated twist!


We all remember when Venus and Serena first came on the scene with their perfectly parted plaits and colorful beads, and how most of the black girls we knew in day-to-day life beautifully rocked the same look. While you can definitely slay the colorful beads look, you can take a more sophisticated spin on it like Solange did in the “Don’t Touch My Hair” video. Take a mixture of cowrie shells, wood beads, plastic beads and metallic beads and get creative with the patterns you wear.

Pinterest // Urban Outfitters


I don’t know about you, but I loved those butterfly clips from the beauty supply store although they got glitter all over your hair. Those clips are still around today, but you can rock a simplified pair in a sleek metallic shade. This is a cute and simple way to spice up TWAs and those half-cornrow styles that have come back in style.


Crown hair clip by Rachel Stewart

Hairclips were a staple in every black girl’s 90s hairstyles — especially those long, metal ones we used as an accessory and as a way to keep flyaways from ruining our sock buns. Those hair clips are making a comeback with bedazzled, furry and glitter options, but you can venture out and try other shapes and styles, like the crown hair clip shown above.

Photo via Pinterest

Barrettes — the end result was always super cute, but the process of getting popped in the head to get them tight was horrible (lol)! Hopefully, you’ll avoid knocking your noggin while rocking this look which is coming back in style for ladies who are truly dedicated to bringing back the 99 into 2000. You can get creative and make rhinestone barrettes to draw attention to a high ponytail or adorable space buns, or you can get colorful by simply picking up a pack from your local beauty supply to draw attention to your box braids and twists.

Which 90s look do you want to bring back? Let us know in the comments below!  

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