Get out of your hair rut: How to slay your bob 4 ways

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This summer’s hottest cut was the bob, and I’m sure a lot of ladies took the leap into “The Cut Life” after seeing celebs like Cardi B slay variations of this classic style.

@cardib’s blunt bob at the BET Awards

But, now that the initial excitement of a new style has likely worn off, it’s easy to get into a hair rut where you wear your hair the exact same way every day, making you feel blah” instead of yassss.

Well, here are five simple styling techniques you can use to get your hair groove back:

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For stunners with curly hair, embrace your natural texture when rocking a bob. Many times, bobs are usually worn straight, but the volume and versatility of curls can take your cut to the next level.

For some, this can be achieved by simply washing your hair and letting your curls air dry. For ladies with curlier and kinkier hair patterns, this style may take a little more finessing by doing twist-outs, using curlformers, or stretching the hair to combat major shrinkage.

For added drama, create a deep side part like the picture above and let frizz and flyaways have their way for a cool, “I woke up like this” look.

This look would work best for oval, round and square face shapes. The volume at the crown lengthens a round face and the curls soften an angular jawline.

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Add some edge to your bob by going asymmetrical! Asymmetrical bobs are shorter in the back and longer in the front and depending on your starting length, you can make the angle softer or more dramatic. Ask your stylist for choppy layers that provide a ton of volume and texture by simply shaking your fingers through your hair each morning.

If you’re not keen on getting an actual asymmetrical cut, you can cheat it with strategically placed hair pieces toward the front. This will work especially well if you already have swide-swept bangs.

This look would work best for oval, round, heart and square face shapes. The angular shape adds definition to a soft jawline and can add a bit of extra edge to the slight sharpness of the heart face shape. Ladies with square face shapes can make this cut work for them by adding a bit of curl to soften the jawline.

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Blunt bobs have been incredibly popular this year, and rightfully so! They’re sleek, bold, effortless and give off major #girlboss vibes. You can wear this with a middle part like Kelly Rowland, or move it off to the side for an off-kilter look. Most blunt bobs are cut right at the jawline, but your stylist can move it up or down based on your face shape or your preference.

If you already have a blunt cut, consider adding some hair pieces for bangs on demand. Cut them to graze your brows or go super short like Beyonce in “Video Phone.”

This look would be best for longer face shapes, such as the oval, oblong and diamond. Ladies with round face shapes can rock this look too, but go a little below the jawline for a sharp look that slims the face.


This is the easiest way to add “oomph” to a bob — add tons of curls! Play with various barrel widths for a mix of larger and smaller curls, then use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to softly separate for easy, breezy volume. Again, you can play with middle or side parts depending on your face shape or your vibe for the day.

This is a look that basically works for all face shapes, but you’ll have to customize it based on your needs. Ladies with round faces need to make sure they don’t go too crazy with the curls — it will make your face even rounder and can drown your face out. Concentrate the volume towards the crown to add length. Ladies with square face shapes can go a little “ham” (lol) because curls will soften an angular jawline.

Which bob will you rock? Show us the results by tagging your photos with #thecutlife!


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