6 hair, fashion & beauty rules you should break today

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You ever start getting ready for the day and have the hardest time choosing what clothes to wear, how to accessorize or just simply what to do?! Sometimes you backtrack to get the look right as if there’s some guideline to go by. Well, throw that imaginary rule book A-W-A-Y. I’ll even help you with breaking some of the rules!


Rule: Don’t over accessorize.
How to break it: There’s always that moment where you’re fully dressed, and you have to decide if a piece of jewelry “hurt” an outfit. Well, I’m here to tell you DO IT. Wear chunky statement necklaces, drench your wrists in bangles and stack rings. Don’t forget to pull out the hoops too!


Rule: You can’t wear white after Labor Day.
How to break it: White is classy year round. If you want to feel “fresh and so clean, clean” after Labor Day, do it! White is a staple color that allows other colors and accessories to “pop.”

Monochromatic looks will be popular this fall, so slay a white power suit and turtleneck or pick up something more casual, like a cute all- white athleisure outfit. Plus, you know black people love a good all-white event and private party (lol), so we’re keeping this fashion trend for good.

Rule: Keep your pedicure simple.
How to break it: Yes, I know the white toes trend is addictive — it’s simple, chic and really pops on brown skin. But, we’ve gotta branch out past the basic and get creative with our toes. Play with negative space designs, rhinestones, and other intricate patterns. If you’re not ready for designs, start out with a bright, unconventional color. Plus, summer is coming to an end, so go out with a bang!

Rule: Don’t mix prints and patterns.
How to break it: Who said we couldn’t be rebellious by mixing n’ matching patterns? I can see how this can be a bit much, but its worth a try. You can nail this trend by trying smaller prints on the top and larger prints toward the bottom (or vice versa). Also, break out a color wheel to help you play with complementary, monochromatic or triadic shades for optimum impact.

@jackieaina rocking lime green eyeshadow, poppin’ falsies AND black lipstick!

Rule: Basically every makeup rule (lol).
How to break it: Some say if you’re wearing dramatic eye makeup, that you have to keep everything else toned down. But, there’s plenty of ladies who can rock falsies, a winged liner Cleopatra would be jealous of, and a bold lippie. (S/O to Jackie Aina and Alissa Ashley!) On the other hand, you can forego makeup altogether, too — who says you need a perfectly beat face to look “put together?” Just find your personal preference and be open to changing it whenever you choose!

@studiomucci rocking unicorn box braids

Rule: My hair can’t do (insert this)
How to break it: Sometimes us ladies really struggle on what to do with our hair. We see other people’s styles and automatically decide it’s not for us because of our hair texture or length, or we feel our face isn’t able to “carry” a style. Or, sometimes we let others talk us out of trying a cut because they don’t think it will look good on us.

Well, put all those negative thoughts to the side and don’t be afraid to break the hair rules you’ve put on yourself or that others have put on you. Yes, natural ladies can have a fly pixie! Yes, black girls can rock unicorn hair like everyone else! Yes, you can be bald and maintain your sexiness!

Of course, there are many more hair, beauty and fashion rules you can and should break! Beauty is all about exploring and embracing what works for you. In the words of Shameless Maya, just do you, boo!

What rules will you break today?

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