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3 hair coloring techniques to try this summer

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So, how are you coloring? Yes we know, as the summer comes to a close and fall fashions come rolling in, it is a common tradition to switch our hair colors to fit the season. From summery platinum blondes to rich autumn colors like copper or honey brown. Yes, we are most certainly here for the appropriate color slay!

However, color placement can make all the difference in your finished style. So, how are you coloring? Are you a bold woman who rocks funky pink colors using the “ombre” technique? Or are you a sophisticated lady that wears soft and subtle highlights? Wherever you stand, I’m here to provide you with some solid information about hair color placement to get the look you want.


Highlights are certainly an oldie, but goodie technique for hairstylists. Highlighting is considered a “special effects hair coloring” technique because it can bring the necessary “va va voom” to any dull base color. Celebrities like funny girl, Chrissy Teigen, are known for rocking this subtle pops of color. Coloring certain strands lighter than the color most prominent on the head creates an illusion of depth and can show more detail in the finished style.


One of the most common ways to highlight is the “foil” technique. This is more difficult than any other method, as placing the foil is an art form. Yes, it is definitely that serious! Professional hairstylists are trained to “slice” or “weave” the hair properly. Beyoncé always rocks her caramel colored hair with a few subtle light blonde highlights that set off her queenly glow.

Another common highlight technique is the “balayage” technique. The word balayage comes from the French, meaning, “to sweep.” This is a free form style that uses the lightener placement to help draw attention to the surface of the hair. Model and mogul Tyra Banks is known for her infamous honey blonde balayage highlights paired with a warm brown base.


Ombre this, ombre that! This is one of the most popular coloring techniques to date. For years, I worked at a beauty supply store, and the most frequently asked question was, “What is ombre?” So, let’s get into it!


The “ombre” technique comes from France as it derives from the word “shadow.” So much like a shadow, the ombre technique allows the hair to go from a dark color to a light color. Ombre is a very bold coloring technique and is best seen on brunettes. Using lightener and a semi-permanent color you can achieve any rock star look your creative heart desires!

Color Blocking

Color blocking is as simple as it sounds. You take two or three colors and place them in large sections through out the hair. That’s simple, right? But, what they don’t tell you is that color blocking can also act as a natural face contouring method.


With makeup, we have the ability to minimize our problem areas, and glow like a goddess with just a stroke of a brush! Thanks to the color blocking technique, we can do things like, slenderize our face and accentuate our necks. Placing the color in different areas along the face can help cover up some of those problem areas!

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