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How to revive over-processed relaxed hair in 5 easy steps

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This goes out to all my relaxed short haired beauties — Part 2! We still haven’t forgotten about you!

One of the fun qualities about having short and relaxed hair is the varieties of styles and colors you can try at any given time. Today, you may slay a short, jet black wavy bob and tomorrow you may wake up and want to rock a chic gray pixie. All of this is fun, but it requires a lot of manipulation of the hair and what happens when your beautiful, short, and relaxed hair becomes over-processed and difficult to manage?

Hair can be over-processed when there is an excessive use of chemicals on your already chemically treated hair. An example of this can be putting a relaxer in your hair and the putting a bright red permanent dye directly onto your freshly relaxed hair. Now there is nothing wrong with doing either one, but doing both can cause breakage, balding, and even complete hair loss.

If you have already hit this point in your hair journey, or want tips on how to prevent it from happening, we have got some tips for you!

  • First and foremost, make sure you are consistently going to your trusted beautician! This is the only person that can provide all the answers to all your haircare questions. Plus, it’s never a good idea to do your relaxer or dye treatments at home. This tends to be the main cause of hair loss and the wrong treatment can make it difficult for your hair to bounce back from damage. Beauticians are licensed to take care of your hair, so treat yourself and your hair right!
  • Cut! Cut! Cut! Unfortunately, over-processing causes a lot of breakage and split ends that you must get rid of so your new growth can flourish. Plus it will help your hair look healthier and more luminous overall. Make sure you have your beautician cut your damaged hair, and if necessary, it’s okay to start completely over and fully cut your hair. Cutting all chemicals is a way to revive your hair and get a fresh start.
  • Choose a low-maintenance style. You’ll want to avoid styles that require a lot of manipulation. Rock a short pixie that takes a little finger combing in the morning, a bob that can simply be wrapped at night and shaken out in the morning, or a low-fade or twa as you’re getting your strands back to optimum health.
  • Switch up your hair regimen. Since your hair is in a fragile state, you’ll have to switch up your hair routine and choose products that are restorative and ultra-moisturizing. Argan, Castor, Amla, and Jojoba oils are great for fostering hair growth and strength. Many hair brands have complete lines that are specifically for damaged hair, so do your research and test out a few that works best for you. Also, if you aren’t already, use a silk scarf at night to protect the hair and be wary of cotton hats and headwraps.
  • Ask your beautician about protein treatments. In an interview with Ebony, TCL favorite Gillian Garcia (@artistry4gg) suggested that stunners with relaxed hair consider protein treatments for added strength. “Protein-enriched conditioners act as fillers for the hair,” she said. “Imagine pot holes in your hair shaft and the protein is filling these holes, thus strengthening the hair almost immediately.” Looking for a place to start? ApHogee has one of the most popular treatments available.

Follow these few tips and you will be on your way to having HEALTHY, RELAXED, AND REVIVED hair in no time!


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