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The perfect summer styles for your face shape

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I am sure we all remember our first haircut. No matter how many years pass, I can picture myself sitting in the salon, waiting for my stylist, and praying I don’t leave looking like a “bobble head” toy.  Every girl with short hair has her story. From haircut virgins to experienced short hair veterans, it is safe to say entering “the cut life” is not always a walk in the park.

There are so many styles to choose from, and with haircutting steadily advancing in techniques and artistry, how do we know what style will fit us best?  It can be simple if you learn to stick to the basics of face shape. Let’s take a deeper look into face structure.

The oblong/oval shape

Former American Idol, Fantasia is the perfect example of an oblong shaped face.  People with the “O” shaped face, have almost two times more length to their face than width.  The oblong shape is the ideal face shape for any style.

Test out finger waves for a cool, sleek look this summer:

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The round shape

The “round” face shape is equal in length as it is to the width.  Everything about this person’s face is round, including the hairline and chin. This face shape’s best fit would include height and or volume at the top, and closeness at the sides.  Try adding long sideburns to help slenderize your face.

Tapered cuts and voluminous pixies with a bit of height and volume are perfect ladies with natural and relaxed hair!

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The square/heart shape

“Hidden Figures” actress Taraji P. Henson has always nailed her looks.  This square faced celeb has found exactly what suits her best.  The square shape face is wider at the temples with a more prominent jaw. Note: Heart face shapes and square face shapes are similar — except heart shapes have a more ‘pointed’ chin.

When searching for new styles, look for haircuts with less volume and fringed bangs. Bob haircuts help soften the square edges of the face shape.

Bobs have emerged as summer 2017’s go-to style. Go voluminous or sleek, wavy or straight, and if you’re really feeling yourself, try a bold hair color as well.

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Of course, this is just a guide! Most cuts can be tailored to better fit your face shape and overall style.

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