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How to maintain your edges during hot weather

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Aside from awkward sweat lines, the only other thing equally as embarrassing for us women during summer months, are busted edges. Although adored by every woman with a toothbrush and gel addiction, the summer maintenance necessary for laid edges, often times prove to be damaging, or impractical for the heat.

Because TCL crew are toothbrush toting stunners like you, we want to help you avoid damaging those edges and give you some tips to keep them laid:

Tie down edges until they are dry from product.

If you want to lay your edges and keep frizzies from curling up in humidity, be sure they are dry and laying flat before removing your scarf.

Wear hats or scarves where appropriate.

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Between harsh UV rays, chlorine, and more frequent wash days, the best manipulation sometime is none. Wear a hat, cute turban, or other hair accessories to help protect and give those edges a break.

Condition edges more than usual.

If your wash days increase in the summer, your condition days should too. Replenish moisture with oils such as coconut oil and shea butter to strengthen and protect from damage or breakage.

If you can help it, don’t submerge edges in highly chlorinated water.

Everyone has different reactions to chlorine, but for some, particularly chemically treated stunners, it can be additionally damaging for the hair and can cause the follicle to become drier and brittle. You should, therefore, do everything you can avoid chlorinated water, or just wear a snug swim cap.

Don’t manipulate dry edges.

Bumble and Bumble’s restyling spray moisturizes, refreshes and can be used daily.

Dry edges snap easier, so dampen the hair with a fine mist or mousse for easier handling.

Lastly, sleeping with a scarf is also an old yet helpful tip to avoid breakage; especially during the summer months where we can get extra sweaty even at night. Using soft brushes, and occasional temple massages to circulate blood flow are also other helpful options.

Let us know any additional tips you may have for the summer edge slay below!

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