Short-hair stunners at CurlFest 2017!

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Me and celeb stylist Ursula Stephen!

Did you miss the call for all the curly girls of the world? Well if you did miss out, don’t worry because The Cut Life has got your back!

Curly Girl Collective’s CurlFest brought thousands of natural hair enthusiasts to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, in search of the latest and greatest in natural hair care products. But what did they find? Beauty Row, of course!

The Cut Life ambassador @daynabolden rocking a cute tapered cut! (Photo by @everydaylavan)

Beauty Row was a literal row of all the hair brands us naturals love. It is safe to say we could call this place a naturalista’s paradise. Hair brands like Shea Moisture, Mielle Organics, Cream of Nature, and Iman Cosmetics gave out tons of free beauty products, ranging from lip glosses to hair masks. CurlFest 2017 certainly didn’t miss the mark on this — there was something for everyone!

Diane C. Bailey giving hair consultations at the Shea Moisture booth!

In addition to getting gift bags filled with hair and beauty products, the festival attendees also had a chance to receive a free hair consultation with a professional stylist at the Shea Moisture Salon. These consultations included a hair assessment and styling by veteran stylists like Diane C. Bailey, a Shea Moisture beauty ambassador and natural hairstylist of over 20 years.  Curly Girl Collective and Shea moisture provided the full salon experience at CurlFest.

What do you get when you bring good music and thousands of curly-headed people together? The ultimate turn up of course!  There was a curly girl party, and it didn’t stop until the sun went down! CurlFest attendees “swag surfed” with some of Brooklyn’s most popular natives like legendary director Spike Lee, and celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen.

Yesssss, the curly girl movement was in total effect!

Let’s get into CurlFest street style! Now, we all know we needed our curls, coils, twist outs, and edges to be laid for the natural hair gods. We wanted our edge ups tight and our fades on point.  Trust me, there were plenty of short-haired stunners at CurlFest. So, we asked: “What does your hair mean to you?”

Christine from New York told us: “My hair is my freedom.” Chrissy has worn a one length, very low barber cut for the last 2 years. She enjoys not having to worry about the hassle of hair maintenance.

This New York City fashion stylist once had a full head of Locs, and due to alopecia decided to shave off her locs into this edgy disconnected haircut.

Men get down with the natural movement too! This New York man says that when growing his Locs he didn’t want to twist them, he preferred the “free form” style.  Free forming is a technique that doesn’t require any parting or twisting.  The locs grow and form freely. The free form style is paired with a clean fade that is kept up by his local barber.

Did you go to CurlFest? What was your favorite part? Share it with us in the comments below!

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