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5 things you should know before buying a wig

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If you have been considering wearing a wig for the first time, or have had bad luck with previous wigs, you understand the complexity of wig shopping. You also understand, when done right, wigs can change a woman’s look for the better. Black and long one day, and blonde and pixie the next — the possibilities really are endless and perfect to explore during the vivacious summer months.

No matter who you are inspired by, or what look you want to go for, even if temporarily, wigs are the best option. They look the best, cause little to no hair damage and are relatively easy to maintain.  Wigs done wrong, however, can end in lots of wasted money, bad Instagram memes and even hair loss in the worst-case scenarios.

To avoid wig humiliation this summer, keep these five tips in mind:

  • Know the difference between wig security options, and which is right for you. 

Some people prefer combs, hairline tape, glue, the sew-in method, or simple bobby pins to secure their wigs, depending on the state and health of their natural hair. For weaker hair, opt for less abrasive options like bobby pins or combs. If you have thick hair, you may need added security underneath your wig. So, a sew-in or tape might be best for you.

  • Know the difference between wig base materials, silk, lace etc.

Lace wigs give a scalp like appearance since each individual strand is looped through a tiny lace hole. Silk-base wigs are made with hairs embedded into a skin-like material which is reinforced by silk and is, therefore, thicker and harder to get a flat install from. The standard wig comes with the standard wig net with breathing holes for the scalp. Understand the differences and which you want to work with for your comfort and style idea.

  • Know the size of your head.

A too big wig is just as uncomfortable as one that is too tight. Neither looks good either. Take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your head to get an accurate measurement. The video below shows how it’s done!

  • Know what color and style work best for you.

Buying a wig online has a bit of uncertainty. For example, the color of a wig may look different on your computer screen versus when you see it in person.  To be sure, go to your local beauty supply store and purchase a wig cap for .99 cents. Try on wigs with different lengths, textures, and colors until you find the right one. Remember what you like, color code, length etc. and then purchase online.

  • Research all the reviews you can.

Reviews can seem monotonous, but that’s because they are true and helpful. Before deciding on a wig, read reviews and listen to what the customers are saying. Be careful to focus on the details that matter to you; if shedding is an issue and everyone has complained about shedding, move on. If someone else is complaining about hair thickness but that’s not a concern of yours, this may be the one for you.

Research until you are comfortable and rely on non-paid reviews for the most honest reviews. Wigs add spice to an otherwise mundane look, along with hair protection; just make sure to choose carefully so you look and feel as beautiful as you had hoped when you started your search.

What are your tips for getting the perfect wig? Share them with us below!


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