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Spice Up Your Look With 5 Cute Hair Accessories

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Summertime is the perfect time to spice up your traditional look with accessory fun. Whether it’s to emphasize your already cute do’ or to disguise a bad hair day, make sure to have these following hair accessories on hand:



Good for disguising a bad hair day, accentuating them baby hairs, and adding a unique 90s vibe to the mix. They are also super cheap and can go with whatever mood, or outfit you have in mind.



Flowers have always been a Summer hair staple. Intertwine them to make a crown, or place them one by one in varying places. Use Beyonce for inspiration and go full floral crown like she did.

Bobby Pins


Regular bobby pins aren’t the cutest stand alone accessory; but when paired with a bunch of others or bedazzled, they become a flirty mane addition. These are also another cheap addition that offers a unique look.




Turbans are another staple. But for summer time, experiment with different fabrics, styles of knots, and colors. Youtuber @faceovermatter is known for her turbans, and she often uses t-shirts to wrap her hair. But, you can use mesh one or a bandana turban even. The possibilities are limitless.

Temporary Hair Color


If you really want to spice things up, change the color of your hair temporarily. Hair chalk and semi-permanent colors are ideal, and can dramatically change your look. Whatever color you’re feeling, blue purple or pink, go for it. Check out our previous articles about hair color here:

You can also use color clip-ins or add color braiding hair to protective styles for a quick flash of color.



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