Summer beauty trend: glossy lids

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Idk if you gals have noticed, but the eyeshadow game has changed for the better. Remember when you used to do anything and everything to prevent your eyeshadow from getting that ugly crease on your lid? WELP, there may be a way to avoid the whole situation in itself. Glossy lids can be added to the “no makeup-makeup” category since it brings a natural highlight to your face that makes it seem like you’re “lit from within.”

You can get this look using multiple techniques:

Before anything, PRIME so any medium you put on your lid sticksssss. We don’t want the makeup to fade and not result in A WET GLOSS SLAY!

  1. Pigment + Vaseline: Mix your favorite shadow with a dab of Vaseline and apply to your lid generously. Play around with more or less of the two products so you know if you like your wet eyeshadow to be more pigmented or more glossy.
  2. Eyeliner + Chapstick: You know how you can get to the beauty aisle for one specific thing then realize how many pencil liners are used for lips, eyes and eyebrows? Yep, you can also choose a pencil liner whether it be glitter or solid and mix it with your favorite non-pigmented chapstick.
  3. Lip gloss only: Take your favorite lip gloss, which is usually the more-than-perfect nude for your skin. Use this lip gloss as eyeshadow right after you prime, and this will coordinate with your lips and help keep that natural no makeup look to your face.

NOW YOU GO TRY IT OUT! Tag me at @thegoldenebb, I would love to see your looks, stunners! <3

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