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Stop, Pop & Loc It! Your Guide to Faux Locs

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Summer is that you playa? Comin’ across the Himalayas?

Sure it’s not quite the warm weather usually promised this time of year as it has been delayed by mother nature; however, it’s more time to figure out your summer hairstyle! Whether it is a new look, a protective style for transitioning to natural hair or real locs, faux locs have a been a huge trend among black men and women. Celebrities including Ciara and Zendaya to Jhene Aiko and Eva Marcille have rocked this look.

Faux locs are especially perfect for those who really want locs or dreads of their own and want to give them a trial run. Here’s an easy guide on how to do your own, style them and maintain locking it up this summer!


What type of hair should you use?

Marley hair is the best hair type or texture for faux locs. Some people like to use Kanekalon hair for the inside of the loc. The outside of the loc is mostly comprised of Marley hair because it’s the preferred hair type. You may need between 9-15 packs of hair to complete this look. I recommend getting 15 packs just in case you run out of hair.

Remember — The longer you want the locs, the more packs of hair you’ll need and the heavier the locs may be.

How to do your own faux locs!

To achieve the look, first, you must twist or braid your hair with the Marley or Kanekalon hair. This is your base for the loc. After you have twisted or braided the hair completely, take the Marley hair and wrap it around that twist or braid. Since you aren’t twisting your own hair together with a locking gel, your hair doesn’t actually lock. The base braid or twist keeps your real hair separated and prevents it from locking.

Wrapping the hair very tightly, you then take a lighter and gently go over the dead. The fire helps keep the loc together and intact.

Watch the complete tutorial by Kahh Spence below.

Spice up your locs by adding color!

IG: @dailydoseofbeauty



See how to add your own color with this funky video by Laurasia Andrea!

Switch them up with curls…

IG: @jemappelleshen

…or with hair cuffs, ribbons, or shells 

IG: @rahdeemyaself

Don’t have enough time to visit a salon?

Save time by also installing locs via crochet! Check out the tutorial below by PrettieMajor!

Maintaining Your Faux Locs:

  • Make sure to keep your scalp moisturized. If you like, oil your locs at least once every two weeks for shine. To keep the locs looking fresh, it’s recommended to wear a bonnet every night. This is perfect bonnet for long locs, twist or braids this summer.

*Also keep a look out for dust or lint that might get on each dread.

  • Wanna take a dip in the pool?

Swimming with faux locs is totally fine. Please be advised that your locs will be a bit heavy and will need to be completely dried once you’re done. If you won’t be completely submerged in water, try wearing your hair up in a bun.

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Check out The Cut Life stylist directory to find a stylist near you and to see more protective styles for the summer, check out our other post!


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  1. Maya_Table

    July 12, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    Hi Coco

    I do not recommend getting the faux locs due to the major tension and pulling it can have on the scalp. The hair is first separated into box braids and then wrapped with hair or yarn. The weight of the locs cause a tender scalp.
    However, there are numerous alternatives to style for those with hair loss: Wigs are a hot item right now and one of the easiest protective styles. You can just cornrow your healthy hair back and treat the affected areas with oils or ointments. And there is more than one type of wig.
    Also, check out our other article on helpful ways to deal with hair loss 🙂

    -Nia, @___missnia

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