Make a Statement This Summer With Facial Jewelry

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Facial jewelry didn’t start off as a fashion statement, instead, it began within different cultures as a way to express cultural and religious beliefs and practices. Now, those styles have been introduced to the runways as examples of high fashion, and some everyday young men and women are donning these pieces as a way to reconnect to their cultural heritage.

Some of the most popular styles, such as septum and lip rings, can be traced back to various African and indigenous cultures around the world. According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, African artisans crafted jewelry using the “lost-wax” casting method, where artists carved designs into soft beeswax and layers of clay were placed on top. The wax and the clay were placed on the fire where the wax melted. From there, hot molten metal was poured into the cast to create various pieces of gorgeous art — including jewelry.

Today, you can see these styles at major fashion events, in photoshoots and even on the street as they create bold statements and silouhettes. Now with that being said, everyday isn’t necessarily a day to make a overstatement with jewelry but any day is a day to learn where ‘whats trending now’ derived from.

Lip Cuffs 

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Just like lip rings, this piece of circular jewelry is being worn to bring not only a small simplistic piercing to your face, but also brings a bit of sexy. Wear it to the middle to achieve the look!

Nose Cuffs 

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This brings a slight masculine quality to your look as well as accentuate the structure of your nose. Nose cuffs, as you can see, can be rocked by men or women. Just find the right fit for you or make one of your own with jewelry scrap you have at home, and if you want to make it permanent, go to your nearest piercer and ask for for a bridge piercing.

Face Silhouettes

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These take the cake for me! Face silhouettes draws a 2-dimensional yet statuesque attraction to the shape of your face. No matter what type of profile you have this subtle wire is a bold statement that will turn you into a live piece of art!


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