Heavyweight Gems by Ebonne Holyfield

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. One of the best gifts I’ve received in this life is my father, Evander Holyfield. Not because of the glitz and the glamour that come with the name, but because of the hard working, success filled examples he’s provided over the years. Though he’s known to the world as the “Real Deal Holyfield”, to me he’s the ultimate knockout dad. That said, I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t let you in on the principles my father has instilled in me and what has attributed to his worldwide success. Check out our Daddy Daughter workout here and snag a few of my father’s “Heavyweight Gems” below to help you manifest your best life yet!

My Heavyweight Gems

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Don’t let humble beginnings deter you from going after your dreams. We all have to start somewhere and that start is usually small. Dad is the youngest of nine siblings and grew up in poverty. He utilized what he had and began the journey of perfecting his gift. So use what you’ve you got and start where you are.

Shortcomings Lead to Big Beginnings 

Dad tells me all the time about him being robbed of the gold medal in the 1984 Olympics when he was wrongfully disqualified. He was crushed inside but maintained a positive attitude which allowed him to receive more media exposure, career opportunities, and fan love. This is a constant reminder that anything is possible. Even when you appear to be losing you’re still winning.

Be Responsible

Our dreams don’t just fall in our laps. We have to take action towards them so that they can come to us. I remember being down about not reaching my goals and my dad said “Ebonne I started my career when I was eight. Things didn’t turn big and start truly working out for me until I was twenty-one. So keep doing your part, be patient, and know that your day is going to come.”  


Quitting is for Losers 

Dad says it time after time – he’s the person he is today because of his mother telling him “son don’t quit.” I personally believe when you quit there is only one option available which is to lose lose and forfeit living your best life, and we have no room for that.

Winning Mindset 

In the Holyfield house we don’t believe there is a specific requirement to win other than having a winning mindset. My dad says often “I always knew I was going to be successful even when I had nothing to show for it”. My motto is if you think small & act small you get small but if you think big & act big you get big.



Take what you can from them and continue to turn your dreams into reality.

I’m in your corner,

Ebonne Eshaya Holyfield



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