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How to get the “wet” look for relaxed & natural hair

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Summer is officially here and it’s time to make a splash with a hot weather hair trend: the wet hair look. Next to the blunt bob, the wet hair look has been popping up on red carpets and runways everywhere. Keep reading to get the deets on how you can achieve this look for straight and textured hair.

Contrary to what the trend name may lead you to believe, water has little to do with achieving the wet hair look – this would only provide temporary results. Instead, rely on your favorite pomade, wax or gel (depending on texture).

If you have straight hair – naturally or via chemical processing – you’ll want to work in sections to rake a water-based pomade through wet hair. A pomade is suggested versus a wax because it’s water-based, more lightweight and will help preserve some volume if electing to leave hair down. We recommend Paul Mitchell’s Foaming Pomade, which came highly recommended in our interview with celeb hairstylist Tym Wallace. On the ends, use a gel to keep flyaways and split ends at bay as the style dries.

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Are you a babe with textured hair? Don’t worry. You can rock the wet hair look, too!

If you still want to rock the straight wet look, blow hair out and use an oil-based pomade as you work through dry hair in sections. Avoid using gels as they tend to be water-based and will revert hair. If you don’t have an oil-based pomade of choice, we suggest trying Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey or Mizani’s Velvet Gloss Pomade.

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To get the look but keep your curls, coat hair in a water-based leave-in conditioner then lightly mist it with water to enhance the texture. In this case, gel will be your best friend as you work generous amounts through in sections to lock curls in for a textured wet look. We recommend Ecostyler’s Black Castor and Flax Seed Gel, which we reviewed here.

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While the wet look isn’t a great long-term style, it is ideal when you want to switch it up and make it look sexy at your next darty (day party), night out with the girls or date night with your S.O. Take care to wash hair with a cleansing shampoo or oil to ensure you remove all the product and prevent build up.

Are you feeling this hair trend? Have you tried the wet hair look and have product faves or tips to pull it off? Let us know in the comments below!

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