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5 Ways To Rock The Blue Hair Trend

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Blue is on the rise and I’m here for it! I don’t know about you stunners, but blue hair has been catching my eye this summer. Blue is a cool tone which, naturally, works well with any other cool tone: gray, purple or even black. This can give you a look of stability and calm if used with these other cool tones. You can also play with other primary colors for a real-life pop art look. 


Sometimes we miss trends or join a little late, but with this one, you can take advantage now to get ahead of the game. There is a wide range of blue tones that you can try — midnight (blue/black) blue, powder blue, true blue, navy, cyan, light blue, tiffany blue, or even sky blue!

There are a number of ways to get this funky shade! You can temp color your hair with kool-aid if you’re already rocking a light hue, or you can use sprays and chalks. But, if you’re not a DIY queen, you can purchase a blue wig for a temporary burst of color. Lastly, you can go all in with a permanent dye.

Are you feeling the blue hues? Take a look below for a little inspiration!

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