10 Instagram IT Girls to Follow

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  1. Follow NaO__ for an overdose of flawlessness here.
  2. Natural beauty is synonymous with Aiyanaalewis. Follow her here.
  3. Faceovermatter’s beautiful cut matches her beautiful spirit. Check her out here.
  4. _Hairgod has had almost every hair color there is, and has SLAYED every time. Take notes here.
  5. Diormarzette is all about the switch up. Keep up here.
  6. For facial structure goals, follow Nyekake and her perfect skin here.
  7. If you can see past the bomb highlight, follow Xoxoshanta_ here.
  8. Chocolate anyone? Follow Jennevam here.
  9. Follow 1cambeauty and her endless jawline, here.
  10. Follow this refreshing beauty and her super cute pixie here.




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