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Spice Up Your Summer Style With A Fly Hair Design

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Sunny days, beach vacays and flirty looks from a possible new bae seem to inspire fashionistas everywhere to switch up their style in favor of something more fun and daring, like brightly-hued hair or a totally new cut. But, for ladies who’d just like to switch it up just a ‘lil bit, consider delving into the world of hair designs.  A part, side design or embellished undercut are perfect ways to spice up your style without a major commitment. 

Before we get into some major hair envy, here are a few tips to make sure you get the design you want:

  1. Bring pictures. Of course, you can verbally explain your desired design, but pictures really help your barber envision what you want. Creating a unique design of your own? Bring a rough drawing of what you’d like.
  2. Leave room for customization. Sometimes the designs we want won’t work exactly as-is, since we all have different head shapes, hair lines, etc. Give your barber the freedom to tweak the design so it will work better for you!
  3. Upkeep. Simpler designs require little upkeep — if you get your hair cut every two weeks, you may need to go in during your in-between weeks to keep the line fresh (especially if your hair grows fast). 
  4. What to do if you don’t like it. Sometimes our visions just don’t work out. Boo. Parts usually “disappear” within a week, so all it takes is a little patience to have a clean slate to work with. Larger or more intricate designs take more time to grow in. If you simply can’t wait, you may have to take off some length on the other parts of your hair to make everything even.  

Side parts

Side parts are the easiest way to ease your way into hair designs. They’re usually one straight (or slightly curved) line right where you would normally part your hair. The upkeep is simple, and it’s hard to go wrong with this simple style. If you want to add a little something “extra” to the look, you can color in the part with glittery liquid liner for a night out.

Swish Swish!

Are straight side parts a little too simple for your taste? No worries! Take the side part up a notch by adding curves, zig-zags, loops or double lines.

Full side designs

Go all in with a side design that looks like a full work of art! Play with geometric designs, or have your barber replicate your favorite piece of art — Basquiat and Keith Haring have artwork that would be perfect as a hair design. When you’re getting into more complicated hair designs, bring in multiple references for your barber to work off of, and be specific about what you like. Or, if you really trust your barber, let them free hand a piece that will be unique to you!

Undercuts / Back designs 

Do you like the element of surprise? Try an undercut! You can easily cover your design when needed (like when you’re at work) and show it off when you’re out and about. Plus, you can go for larger designs since you’ll have a bit more space to play.

What will you try this summer? Tag your fly designs with #thecutlife!

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