Shaved Sides Are Having A Moment Again — Here’s 7 Ways To Rock Them!

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Back in 2012, Cassie revived the shaved sides and made it her signature look for years. Since then, other celebs such as Rihanna have taken on the daring hairstyle and made it all their own. For awhile, it seemed like the shaved side look died down, but Queen Taraji piqued fashionistas’ interest in the look after sexily sauntering down the red carpet at the SAG awards.

Here’s 7 fun ways you can rock the look:


Are you a professional woman who wants a look that can easily go from sleek and chic to fun and funky in a snap? If so, take a cue from Taraji and go for a shaved side that can easily be shown by moving your hair behind your ear. Make sure your barber/stylist doesn’t go too high with your fade (it will make it harder to cover) and ask them to keep it to the lower third of your side and back hairline. Consider getting a fun design to add an extra punch for the summertime.


Let your shaved sides shine by braiding up your remaining hair and creating two space buns, like the photo above. Not ready to commit to Ashley’s hot pink hue? Use a semi-permanent hair dye, hair chalk or hair glitter to take the look up a notch.


This look is perfect for naturalistas that want to add some “oomph” to their braids, twists, locs, faux locs, etc. If you want to sweep your hair to the side like Tyler, you’ll have to get your fade up higher so your hair will stay to the side. Also, feel free to put your hair up into a ninja bun so both sides will show.


Sonjdra has been rocking the shaved side look for years, and she keeps the look fresh by playing with a bevy of wigs. Her latest style is a curly blonde bob that’s perfect for the summer. Just make sure there’s no abrupt transition from the shaved side to the wig.


Keep it short and sweet by rocking a tapered cut with shaved sides. Some ladies who love tapered cuts decide to keep a bit of length on the sides, but shaving it down adds edge to a classic look.

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Go all in with a mohawk! Keep it modern and fresh with fly parts and designs, and if you’re really feeling yourself, dye the middle part a fun, crayon-inspired shade.

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Not ready to grab the clippers? No problem. You can get the same effect by getting cornrows on the side(s). You can go straight back or have your braider play with different shapes and braid widths.

Which look will you try? Let me know in the comments below!


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