Mama Told Me… 6 Beauty & Hair Tips You Can Borrow From Mom

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Let’s be real, in most cases, mother really does know best and the beauty game is no exception. We’ve pulled together few of the best beauty lessons we’ve learned from mom over the years that will help preserve our fly for years to come!

Warm up to Cold Cream

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If you ever snoop around your grandma or mom’s bathroom vanity, you’ll probably spot a jar of cold cream (think Ponds or Noxzema). Reveled for its ability to leave skin insanely soft and preserve a youthful look, cold cream is something you may want to add to your beauty regimen. Cold cream can be used to combat severely dry skin by acting as a moisture barrier or serve as heavy duty makeup remover.

Wrap Your Hair At Night

Growing up, mom probably had one day a week where she would knock out everyone’s hair, herself included. You were expected to make that style last the ENTIRE week, which is why wrapping your hair at night was crucial. While the emphasis then was more about style preservation, now wrapping hair in silk or satin is key to retaining moisture. If you need a refresher on wrapping your hair, check out this video from ASplashofDR

Vaseline = Your Ultimate Skin Moisturizer

Good ol’ Vaseline. A dry skin savior. Growing up, you probably remember your mom slapping this on everyone kneecaps, elbows and lips before heading out the door. While not acknowledged as a top skin moisturizing pick in today’s beauty world, it still does its job of combating dry, patchy skin and chapped lips.

Don’t be afraid of a red lip

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A statement red lip can pull together a look in a snap. Whether you’re wearing simple jeans and a t-shirt or trying to make a quick switch from day to night, a good red lip can get you there. If you need help finding your perfect hue, head to your local MAC, Sephora or your mom.

Kitchen Beautician

To grow hair long and strong, some of your moms may fondly remember having a mixture of castor oil and avocado oil slathered on their scalps. Both chock full of fatty acids and antioxidants, these oils can beef up your hair health in a major way.

Love Yourself

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Products and practices aside, one of the most crucial lessons we can pull from our dear mothers is the act of loving oneself. True beauty starts from within and no amount of makeup or primping can replace the rock-solid confidence that comes from recognizing your own beauty.

Have any beauty tips you’ve learned from your mom? Share them below!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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