Make Your Brows Match Your New Hue — No Bleach Needed!

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Being able to change up your hair can be so much fun, especially when it comes to color. When choosing which color you want to try next, whether it be bold or subtle, there are many factors to consider — Will it compliment my skin tone? How will it work with my wardrobe? How do I achieve my desired color? Will I have to bleach my hair?!

Stunners, there is one more question you’ll have to consider: When deciding to change your hair color is it necessary to lighten or darken your eyebrows as well? This is a question that I believe everyone asks, even if the hair color you choose isn’t permanent. You can sometimes feel that if your eyebrows don’t match your hair, your look may not “come together.”

Well, I’m here to remind you the only option doesn’t include risking the destruction of your eyebrows with bleach and dye. Although it could make getting ready a lot easier, it’s always smart to do a trial run first! Go to your local beauty supply store and pick out a couple colored pencil liners to test out.

After dying your hair the desired color you like, play with the pencils you bought and mix and match — going lighter or darker than your natural hair color! Also, don’t forget to try different shades of the color you dyed your stunning cut.

This will help you decide if you want to commit to permanently coloring your brows or if you want to stick with a slightly different makeup routine in the morning. Either way, it will help you figure out the best way to coordinate your look and will eliminate the panic stage within trying something new.

Here’re a few stunners who played with colors and also had some fun with incorporating their eyebrows into the look!

Options for redheads:

For blondes:

  • Use your foundation to “blank out” your brows. Set the brow area with a light dusting of translucent powder.
  • Use a brow pencil, such as MAC’s Lingering or Benefit Cosmetics’ Light 01 or 02 to create your shape. Need more definition? Go in with a slightly darker powder.
  • Finish it off with a tinted eyebrow gel, such as MAC’s Girl/Boy Brow Set — a longtime staple of blondies everywhere.

For ladies with a unique hair color:

  • Most brow pencils come shades specifically for people with blonde, red, brown, dark brown or black hair. So, you’ll have to get creative in concocting a unique shade.
  • If you have naturally dark brows, you’ll have to “blank out” your hair color a bit. Use a foundation and setting powder to do the trick. Also, consider using a light-colored brow gel to further the effect.
  • Reach for a waterproof color eyeliner or an eyeshadow that closely matches your hue. Make sure you fully blend the color through for a neat, well-defined look.
  • Consider using a cream color palette, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills custom lip palette, to make a custom shade.

What are your tips for creating a custom brow color or making sure your brows match your new hue? Share them in the comments below!

All photos are from Pinterest. 

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