Color Theory: The Best Makeup Shades To Compliment Your Hair Color

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So you finally colored your hair that fiery red or icy blonde you’ve been dye-ing to have. Now that you stepped out of the salon with this fierce new color, you’ll want to complete your makeover with a flawless beat.

When it comes to choosing a flattering palette, there are certain tips to help take your look up a notch.

Wondering what cosmetics go best with your hair’s hue? Well, search no further because The Cut Life has created a list on how to mix and match your makeup to compliment any and every shade of hair.


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For ladies with golden blonde to platinum blonde locks, try pink, peach and lilac lipsticks and blushes to play up the softness of your lightly colored tresses. If you like eye shadow, try a natural shade that matches your already rosy makeup, like a shimmery taupe or matte mauve. When it comes to lashes, you can keep them curled, spiked or voluminous, but make sure to use a chocolate brown (not black) tint to lessen the contrast of your fair hair.


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Lucky brown or black-haired stunners can pull off almost any shade of makeup. From pink tones to deep berries, and vivid reds — all these lipstick tints will work in your favor. You can standout with citrus colors and unique hues, like purple, gray or a hot pink shade, as these will not clash with your brown or black hair. When it comes to blushes go bronze or choose a medium pink color with gold flecks! For the eyes, stay neutral and balance your brown and black strands with a deep peach, brownish pink, or deep rose-colored tones, and finish the look with intense, long lashes.


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Redheads – from auburn to a deep strawberry blonde – be mindful as these colors can already warm up your complexion. Play up that warmth of red hair by using a rosy cream blush for a dewy, flush. Nude lipstick shades or pinky browns are perfect for your pout. Keep it sassy with a winged eyeliner in black or a deep blue on your top lids.

Grays and Pastels

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For grays and those rocking pastel strands, you’ll need makeup colors in warmer tones on your cheeks and lips to brighten up your complexion. Think apricot or cherry shades for blush, and coral or crimson lipstick shades. Do it up with the eyes by skipping the shadow and opting for spiked black lashes.

Bold-y Locks

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Neon-colored and jeweled-toned hair stunners should go for a simple bronze or sun-kissed cocoa blush and mauve or fawn colored eye shadow, with a nude lip that’s a shade lighter than your complexion or shimmery light pink lip gloss. Keep the lashes simple with some length and a nice curl.


Remember, these tips are only meant to be helpful and not strict rules you have to follow! Always try fun and creative makeup looks, like a black or blue lippie, a smokey-eye, a bright eyeliner color or a glittery eye shadow.

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