Androgynous Style: Take a Cue From the Boys & Create a Look All Your Own!

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Have you ever caught yourself choosing a pair of boyfriend jeans over skinnies or preferring a business suit over a dress? Or maybe you’d rather get a buzz cut before growing your hair out. Gender ambiguity can be reflected in one’s sexual identity, but it can also be reflected through style choices!

I don’t know about you stunners, but while rocking short cuts do you ever get mistaken for a boy? Some women living “The Cut Life” can relate to this and have decided to bend the rules and embrace an androgynous look. 

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When deciding whether to buzz it all off or big chop while transitioning to natural hair, it can be a little scary to imagine how you are going to look afterward and how people will react. The only way to know is to just do it and SLAY your new style!

After doing the big chop, some ladies feel emboldened to switch up their look and embrace pieces with a menswear aesthetic — such as tailored suits, smoking jackets, loose trousers, baggy jeans, track and letterman jackets, crisp white suit shirts, stylish sneakers, structured boots, and hats and caps.

You can still add “feminine” qualities to your ensembles by playing with bolder patterns, utilizing soft color palettes and rocking accessories that add some sparkle and shine.

Wearing haircuts and clothing that are labeled as “manly” isn’t easy, but being able to make something that is originally made to be worn by a man a staple look for yourself can be groundbreaking. Don’t worry about what others have to say —  adding a “boyish” element to your otherwise “girly” style can pull together your overall look and show the world how high your self-assurance is!

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