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Trend to Try: Graffiti Hair

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The warm weather of spring awakens a desire in many of us to take on something fun and new. If you’re seeking a new spring trend to try, consider “graffiti hair.” Think floral patterns, geometric designs, and polka dots playing out on your tresses.

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While this trend may be new to you, graffiti hair first went mainstream in the 90s courtesy of Lil’ Kim. Always a trendsetter, she was spotted rocking electric blue hair with the Chanel logo etched into her bangs.

And she donned a blond ‘do accented by a Versace inspired print.

As with most trends, what’s old is made new again and we’re pegging graffiti hair as a hot trend to try. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t require hours at the salon, bookoo bucks and you can wash it out when you’re done. All you need are a few stencils (that you make yourself or buy at your local craft store) and some temporary hair color — we recommend Joico’s Instatint or temporary hair color from your local Target. It’s that easy!

Awaken your inner graffiti artist and peep this Buzzfeed video featuring hair artist, Janine Ker then get to create your own masterpiece!

Ready to get on your Picasso flow and give graffiti hair a try? Have you already tried the trend and have pics? Share with us in the comments below or tag us on social with #TheCutLife!

Happy painting!

Victoria W.


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