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Summer Protective Styles Perfect For Short Hair Stunners

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Summer 2017 is around the corner and the desire to protect your tresses and slay super long styles is in full effect. Yes, we all love our hair but the fun of switching styles and having a break from MANE-aging can be well worth the slay.

From twists, faux locs, braids and even the return of the now known “Lemonade Braids” can add a new flair to your look. Now, the question is which look is for you!?


@jheneaiko takes the red carpet with her waist lengths. One thing about protective styles it’s easy to dress them up or dress them down!

@justineskye MANE-tains her purple signature locks on vacation in Miami. No worries when it comes to getting your hair wet, an easy way to stay carefree while enjoy the sun and water.

Don’t FORGET to: BOIL, DIP & SHAKE. Dipping the ends of your braids could really complete your look to keep them neat and flowy. We all know braids can be a little stiff when you first get them done so dip those ends in hot water!

Faux Locs

@meagangood always kills the game with her known “go-to” choice of oh so natural locs.

@demithedancer  is GIVING us goddess vibes with her new choice of protective styling!

Don’t FORGET to: Curl the ends of your locs for a natural, curly look. The older these get the more realistic they look, a lot of stunners love that ASPECT of faux locs!


@westbrooks.crystal always rocks her twists uniquely. Marley twists always call for adding accessories such as beads, clamps or a choice of hair color blends to enhance the spiciness of your look.

Don’t FORGET to: While at your local beauty supply store remember the choice of hair can determine whether your twists look silky or kinky. You can choose anything from braiding hair to Marley hair depending on what you and your stylist are trying to achieve.

Lemonade Braids

In her LEMONADE visual debut, @beyonce caused the 90’s braid to come back in trend! These braids she showcased brings a DOPE vibe with the plethora of braiding patterns that can be done!

@eenahsanairb, owner of Matte Brand, chooses a mix of scalp braids and singles, with a middle part. Also, her “lemonade braids” started off waist length, so ladies this style can be turned into a whole other look. All you have to do is grab some scissors!

Don’t FORGET to: Have fun with these! No Lemonade Braids have to be the SAME. You mix up your braiding pattern as much as you like. Their light-weight and are perfect for a minimal budget.

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