The Best Earrings to Compliment Your Short Cut

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Whether you’ve only recently crossed over to the short hair lifestyle or have been holding it down since the 99 and 2000, you hopefully know that earrings are one of the easiest – and undeniably fun – ways to enhance your cut. We wanted to get in on the fun and inspire you to try something new; here are some of our top earring trends to try.

Massive Hoops

We don’t know about you but there’s something about donning a pair of massive hoops that will have you feeling some type of way… in the best way. A timeless option, hoops are simple enough to lend extreme versatility, while still providing a solid boost to your look.


Trendy Tassels

A perfect pair when you’re in a festive mood, tassel earrings have been showing up increasingly on the style scene. Headed to brunch? Try a colorful beaded pair. Black tie affair? Set yourself up with a pair with a little sparkle.


Killer Cuffs

A good cuff can take your look from 0 to 100 real quick. Exuding an edge fit for a rock-star, cuffs are ideal for unleashing your inner badass.


Earring Stacking

For our piercing fiends out there, stacking was made for you. The trend has become somewhat of an admired art form and we’d have to agree. The key here is striking a balance between delicate and bold pieces to achieve an understated cool.


Love how Elisa Johnson stacks multiple delicate earrings.

E! Online // Pinterest

Rihanna striking the balance between statement studs at the bottom and complimentary baby hoops up top.

What’s your preferred earring style? Have any go-to shops for dope pieces? Let us know in the comments below!


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