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The Top 3 Cuts For A Diamond Face Shape

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Channel your inner BadGalRi and make sure your diamond face shape shines brightly as possible with sleek looks that flatter.

Diamond faces are similar to heart-shaped faces, except your hairline is more narrow and your chin is more angular than what’s seen with the heart shape. To avoid making your hairline and face look more narrow than it already is, stylists suggest avoiding sporting looks that keep your hair in your face, like heavy bangs or voluminous bobs.

Here’re three looks that will keep your face gleaming:

Bardot Bangs

Byrdie // Pinterest

Bardot bangs are a fuller, more voluminous take on curtain bangs, which are bangs with a center part. This style of ensures the diamond face’s narrow hairline doesn’t end up looking even more narrowAlso, the volume helps to balance out the face and bring a little more width to the diamond face’s naturally narrow profile.

You can rock this style in a number of ways — you can do a beachy look like Rihanna, or achieve a perfectly 60s look with sleek bangs and an updo or sleek bun.

Rock A Deep Side Part 


Stylist Kristen Ess says deep side parts are her favorite style for clients with diamond face shapes, but that ladies have to be sure to add volume (see a pattern here?) to give the illusion of a wider hairline and add some width to the face.

Need inspiration? Just look at one of our favorite IG stunners, @amandadizzllee! She rocks a deep side part like no other, and she keeps her bangs voluminous and sleek. Want to add a little spice? Take a cue from her and rock a shaved side with designs.

Pull it back!

Phili Mtsali // Pinterest

One of the hallmark features of a diamond-shaped face are gorgeous, prominent cheekbones, so show them off by pulling your hair back.

For ladies who want a low-maintenance and casual look, just pull your hair into a sleek ponytail or bun, and keep flyaways at bay with edge control and a light hairspray.

For the stunners who want to slay, try a slicked-back style like Taraji. Want a little extra sizzle? Try a wet look by using a few sprays of water or your favorite styling mist, such as Bumble and Bumble’s surf spray.

Which look will you try? Let me know in the comments below!

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