#TCL Ladies’ Night Out Presented By #FiftyShadesDarker

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In anticipation of the #FiftyShadesDarker movie, The Cut Life crew hosted an intimate dinner with a few of our fave influencers in Atlanta.  The night was filled with delicious food, drinks and in true Ladies’ Night fashion there was lots of girl talk (plus, the cutest goodie bags)!  We wanted to share our amazing night with our fellow stunners and hopefully, inspire you and your girls to get together for a #FiftyShadesDarkerLNO.

Chit-chat amongst these beauties kicked off our #FiftyShadesDarker Ladies’ Night Out at Cape Dutch in Atlanta, GA.

While sipping champagne, we played a naughty variation of “Would You Rather…?” as we waited for our delicious entrées.

Amazing food combined with great company, made this night simply perfection.

Thank you to these lovely ladies for being apart of this night with the Cut Life crew! Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters Friday, Feb. 10th. Make a night out of it with your girls and share in the naughtiness of #FiftyShadesDarkerLNO!




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