Curls and Cuts: Short Hairstyle Tips for Naturally Textured Hair

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This season we’re seeing textured hair being embraced like never before as beauty trend experts say that natural is in. But as Ms. Keke Palmer would reply, the gag is, natural hair and the curly hair movement has been popular for quite some time now.

From waves to ringlets to springy coils, naturalistas have been rocking their textured manes boldly and in various short styles, proving that they can wear a haircut just as fiercely as any straight-hair stunner.

The Cut Life recently chatted with texture expert Reece from Styles Beauty Lounge in New York City about short hairstyle tips for curly tresses. Check out what jewels the stylist and MIZANI haircare educator shared with us.

When is comes to picking the best haircut for natural hair, does curl pattern matter?

It definitely matters. Those with a wavy to loose curl pattern should try a disconnected cut, which is basically two different haircuts in one. A disconnected cut is when the cut has more volume at the top and leaves length at the bottom to create balance and shape. Those with a coil curl pattern should get a taper cut for shaping your locks. A tapered cut is tighter or closer at the back and sides of your hair, and longer in the front. If your curl pattern is the perfect ringlet – whether a loose or a tight curl, they can get either of these haircuts.

Disconnected cut

Disconnected cut

Tapered cut

Tapered cut

What’s the easiest way to figure out your curl pattern?

MIZANI has a great natural curl key. It’s an easy guide that helps you determine your curl type and what haircare needs are best for your hair.

The curl key seems really helpful. What about cuts to avoid for curly hair? Are there any?

I wouldn’t say there are any cuts to avoid, but consider this: never curly cut or wet-cut your hair, unless you only plan to wear it in its curly state every day. If you plan to wear your cut both straight and natural, curly cutting can create a look only suited for your curls with no room for style versatility.

You spoke a little bit about shaping. What are some tips for that?

The basis of a hairstyle is the haircut and having the right shape is key. If you have a wider face, try a diamond haircut to slim the face. Lengthier faces can wear any shape, from diamond, to rounded-square, to heart-shaped. If you want a curly bang, take shrinkage into consideration. Those with a smaller face should keep in mind that bangs have the potential to cover and overwhelm your entire face, so be mindful when cutting.

Diamond shape

Rounded-square shape

Heart shape

What are tips for taking care and maintaining the haircut on curly hair?

Maintenance trims are necessary. I wouldn’t go beyond three months without getting a trim. Learning to style your hair is important and using the right type of products will make your haircut look better. If you have a wavier or a looser curl type, use gels and foam products for hold and styling. Creams and puddings are better stylers and moisturizers for those with a tighter, coiled hair type.

Final Do’s and Don’ts?

Don’t DYI. Do see a specialist. Also, use Instagram or Pinterest to find someone with a similar hair type as you for some inspiration.

Hopefully, these tips helped. Happy cutting curlies!

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