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Ask The Expert: “Help! I’m Having Creamy Crack Withdrawals!”

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Q. “There seems to be a period of “withdrawal” from the creamy crack while going natural.  What advice would you give to those trying to grow out their relaxers and for those who big chopped and are now dealing with dryness, fragile ends and breakage? 

A.  If you want to allow your hair to grow out while cutting your relaxer out a little at a time, this is difficult because your hair does go through a “withdrawal.” It is a stage in your natural hair journey that requires major TLC. I recommend the same washing regimen for all ways of growing out processes: PROTEIN, MOISTURE, and LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER.

If you decide to braid or weave your hair up until its the length you desire:

  • Never keep your braids for more than eight weeks and keep the scalp oiled. In between braids give yourself protein and moisturizing treatments. When taking out your braids/weaves be sure to thoroughly soak hair with water, apply a generous amount of conditioner and use a wide tooth comb or pick to detangle hair starting from the ends up.

For those who Big Chopped:

This is where you get to know your natural hair up close and personal. The recipes for your hair may vary. You have to try different products to satisfy your desired look for your hair. OIL AND LEAVE-IN CONDITIONERS are your best friend. Always oil your scalp and then brush your hair so the oils can be distributed throughout your hair. I love Coconut Oil, it’s the oily oil that best penetrates the hair shaft.

About the expert: Kim Davis// @queenofbellehair

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